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Women in Arts celebrate love

Lame Puseletso will be amongst the poets perfoming at the event
February is known as the month of love and the fever can be felt everywhere.

For that reason, Women in Arts have decided to host an event on Valentine’s Day Eve. The event is meant to celebrate and touch on different aspects of love.

 In an interview, the director of Love Language event, Neelo Lentebanye explained that Love Language was a show that comprises poetry, music and theatre. Lentebanye also said the event is aimed at tackling issues associated with love.

 “Love as a general word is not just the common romantic love. There are different types of love. Our event will explore many experiences and types of love, whether good or bad,” she said.

 Lentebanye emphasised that the show is not about romantic love only because it’s Valentine’s. She added that they are going to explore different aspects like gender roles in love, family love and love with God just to mention but a few.

 She further explained that the concept originated because of Valentine’s Day, no wonder they decided to do something different and engage people about issues of love right before Valentine’s Day.   “We cannot talk about love experiences and not somehow to celebrate love. I guess it’s going to automatically happen that we talk about good experiences of love. We have a cast

of six performers. We will have poets, dancer and actresses namely Naledi Thabakgolo (Singer and Actress), Atang Bowe ( Actor), Lame Pusetso (Poet), Angel Magapatona (Dancer), Lolo Koosaletse (Actress) and Mpho Mpulubisi (Poet),” she said.

 Furthermore, Lentebanye explained that they were facing some challenges. She said the main problems are finding venues and rehearsal spaces. She said they were fortunate enough to be sponsored by UB Vapa Department with that.

 She added that there were so many arts event happening in the country and the attendance is always quite good. However, she surmised for small shows that comprise upcoming poets and or singers with no big names, it is always a challenge to get people to support them.

 Love Language, poetry, music and theatre event will take place at the University of Botswana Block 253 room 001 (known as the Visual & Performing Arts Space. The show will run from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. Lentebanye said it would include the audience at the end to also get their views on issues raised.

 Tickets will be sold at P50 a single ticket and P80 for double ticket. People can inbox Women In Arts Trust on Facebook or Neelo Lentebanye to get tickets.




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