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Kgosi(centre), Marapo, Mack and Tafila PIC: KENNEDY RAMOKONE
As soon as former spy chief, Isaac Kgosi slipped into the country early Tuesday, after months of being away on medical reasons, his battle with the State started in earnest.

First, the State revealed its suspicions that the ex-spy chief’s passport had ‘loopholes’.

The State on Tuesday, as it was motivating for Kgosi to be remanded in custody for breaching his bail conditions, got hold of his passport for the first time since he left the country around May for medical treatment in Malaysia.

Around June, Kgosi failed to appear in court as scheduled and his attorneys informed the court that he left the country for medical treatment, but the State did not buy the story as it insisted it was not aware of his travelling.

Though much of the details about the passport were not revealed as the case is back in court this morning, State prosecutor, Thato Dibeela was adamant that something did not make sense about the passport, especially between the months of May and November, the time Kgosi was said to be away on medical reasons.

“There are gaps in the entry on the passport between May and now despite the accused saying he was away on medical terms and as his doctor reports,” she argued.

However, his attorney Thabiso Tafila told the court that there was nothing alarming about the passport as his client had it and other travelling documents that he used when he was away that could be tendered as evidence.

Dibeela had requested that

Kgosi be remanded in custody since the State will be able to provide all the necessary amenities listed by the doctor who was engaged to examine him.

Regional Magistrate, Masilo Mathaka did not agree with State to have Kgosi remanded in custody saying it would do him no good and also that the independent doctor’s report was the same as that one of Kgosi’s doctor.

“Of course, Kgosi needs to be reprimanded for breaching his bail by just leaving the country. But he did come back and he is here in court. It will be no good to remand him, he will not abscond court as suggested. The State will would hold on his passport for now,” he said.

Earlier on, police having failed to arrest him upon his arrival, a consent agreement was made between the prosecution and his attorneys, Tafila and Unoda Mack that he undergoes medical examination to determine a way forward about his warrant.

Kgosi, who is accused of exposing the agents of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security to the public, is facing two counts, of disclosure of identity of the agents and obstructing officers and support staff.

This morning he will be back in court for an update on his warrant of arrest that was suspended and also on his bail variation.




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