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Do’s And Don’ts Of Customer Service

Filling station
Do not call customer names like nkgonne, mmangwane, nkoko, malome and all that. Always call a client by his/her name that is why it is important to know the name of the customer to avoid calling them silly names.

Never use a cellphone, calling or answering a cellphone in front of a client, focus on a client and finish with him or her.

If you need to pick up a phone, thank the customer in front of you and pick up the phone, be brief and get back.

Never chew, eat or drink while assisting a client or customer, be it on a phone or a walk in customer.

Never say I do not know or I am new here, rather ask a client if you could find out or transfer him or her to the relevant person to assist.

Always have a pen or a notebook to take details of a client and message, revise or repeat what you have written with a client before you hang up the phone to make sure you got the right information.

Never use a piece of paper because it will get lost easily, have the date, time on the message book.

Avoid scratching your head or holding your forehead because by so doing you are giving the customer a picture that you are not sure or fumbling. Be confident and know all about your organisation or company.Never have a divided attention when assisting a customer, do not have a cross discussion with a work mate or another client.


Shop Assistant

l Always know of any promotion running to better advice your client

l  Greet every customer you render service to. When a customer gives you money to pay say thank you. When you give him or her change and till receipt thank them again.


Petrol/ filling station Attendant

l  Greet the customer and tell them your name.

When he or she gives you the car keys say thank you and ask if they are

paying cash or using a card. Repeat what the client said to check if you got the information right.

Thank the customer again when you return the car keys and the receipt together with the change with a smile.


Bank Assistant

l  Greet the client

l  Introduce yourself

l Always wear your corporate name badge.

l  When you have to leave the desk communicate with the client, them for the permission, do not just walk out.

l  When you return just thank the customer for waiting and render your service with a smile.

l  Thank the customer when you are done with them and wish them a good day.


Hotel Receptionist

l  Greet the client or guest

l  Introduce yourself

l  Advice your client of services you offer and different avenues in the hotel and further more advise them of which number to call if they need  hotel  service.

l  Thank the guest and wish them a pleasant stay.


Security Officer

l  Greet the customer and tell them what you do, if you are doing security check, kindly communicate, if you are checking till receipt kindly communicate and thank the customer.


Public Transport Assistant

l  Before the bus departs the bus rank kindly greet all the clients standing in front of them.

l Tell them your name, communicate how your trip will be like and where you are going to stop. Furthermore tell them the bus fares for each destination and thank them.



l When you answer the phone please introduce yourself, the company name and render your service

l  Ask the client if you could transfer the line and thank them before transferring.

l  Never chew or yawn when picking the phone

l  Always have your message book and pen ready.

l  Always pass the message to the relevant people.



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