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Franco & Co. Amuse Rumba Fans

Franco and Afro Music ignited their fans’ passion for hip-shaking music with an eccentric and yet remarkable performance at Rumba Night festival at Trekkers on Saturday.

The festival pulled an overflowing crowd who enjoyed every moment. The event featured artistes like Franco, More Fire, Jeff Matheatau, Mlesho, Tshepho G, Stiga Sola, Dilomakwati, DJ Pops and DJ Black Star. To show how much they love and value rumba music, the fans stayed up until the morning as they waiting for the main, host Franco Afro Music, who gave an outstanding performance.

His new hit Menemene Tekele set the crowd on fire as they screamed and sang along with him. Franco Lesokwane rocked the stage with seven dancers dressed uniformly and they gave their best magic when it comes dancing. The rumba star said revealed he will travel to South Africa in April.  Following his performance, Lesego Lefatshe also known as Mlesho, told Showtime that he started music when he was a dancer for Wizards of the Desert and released his first album With Slizer in 2010.  “I had passion for dance from a young age and eventually my dream came true and so far I have three albums and one single called O tshwere gothe,” he said.

“From the three albums that I performed, Setsuatsuwe, Amboya and Thomela overwhelmed

my fans and it is a good sign to see them having fun, thus giving me assurance that I am doing everything right.”

On the other hand, Matheatau said his relationship with Franco started at primary school and met again at Botswana Defence Force. 

Along the way they left to join the music industry. “I started music career in 2002 and as we speak I have 10 albums,” he said, adding that he was happy with the way audience responded to his performance.  Veteran artiste, Stiga Sola tuned his fans with his Mpaxanga and Sesarwa music that made them dance until he completed his gig. His genre mate, Dilomakwate rocked the crowd with the most loved song, Ke Mamanthwane.

Tshepho G complained of the social media platforms that are used to share and transmit their songs. “We could be going far with music, but because of the social media our CDs are not bought hence and it comes as a disadvantage to us upcoming artistes,” she added.

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