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Fare thee well Seisa

Members of the St. John Chuch taking Seisa's body to its final resting place.
TUTUME: The late Reverend Bishop Dr Kadi Seisa has been described by many as a rare breed, a man of high integrity, who served God whole-heartedly. The man of cloth has succumbed to sugar diabetes.

Hordes of mourners last weekend thronged Tutume village in the north central part of the country to pay their last respects to a fallen hero popularly known as ‘KS’ by his congregants and other people he mingled with during his lifetime.

The funeral service of the 97-year-old former teacher and man of cloth was a clear testimony that Seisa had created a good name for himself while still alive.

Some of the mourners came from other SADC countries such as Namibia, Zambia, South Africa and Lesotho.

People from all walks of life, young and old, the rich and the poor, attended the funeral of the first constitutionally appointed Bishop of St John Apostolic Faith Mission in Botswana.

One could mistake the funeral service held at Magapatona ward for that of a high ranking government official or a Cabinet minister due to the overwhelming number of people in attendance. 

Even though it is heart-breaking to lose a loved one due to death, Seisa lived a purposeful life which is worth celebrating as he has left a lasting legacy.

As a primary school teacher during his heydays in the 1950s, the late Seisa groomed many professionals who have blossomed in life. 

One of his former students at Matsiloje Primary School is former councillor, Simon Lephalo.

Seisa contributed immensely in the education sector of this country, as he was a committed and hardworking primary school teacher until he retired in 1992 to channel his energy into full time pastoring his congregation.

At the time of his retirement, KS was promoted to the position of school head, due to his exceptional performance.

Akin to the Biblical John the Baptist, as a pastor, KS served God with all his might, to an extent that he used his own personal resources to traverse the length and breadth of the country to spread the gospel. 

The late Kadi was instrumental in opening branches of St John Apostolic Faith Mission in other neighbouring countries using his own resources, which is a clear indication that he had a special calling.

KS was nothing like today’s flamboyant pastors who live lavish lifestyles at the expense of their church members.

Kadi had a calling to serve God and surely he accomplished his mission with distinction.

The deceased’s second born son, Simon Seisa of Selefu fame, who was the family spokesperson, described his late father as a humble man who loved God unconditionally. 

“My late father was a strict disciplinarian and he taught us household chores at a tender

age. He wanted us to be able to take care of ourselves once we became adults,” Seisa said told Mmegi.

According to Seisa, Kadi was a very ardent musician, a song composer of note, a chorister and a choir conductor with sublime skills. The soft-spoken Seisa says his father received salvation a long time back.  “I was told that as a young boy, I fell sick and my father went to see Pastor Mokaleng of Spiritual Healing Church for assistance.

“Mokaleng prayed for him and was told that I will be healed instantly. When my father got back home, he found me in good health.

“That is when he joined Spiritual Healing Church after seeing the power of God manifesting in his life,” Seisa continued with a smile on his face.

He added: “My father later joined St John Apostolic Faith Mission after he heard a voice instructing him to join the church”.

Seisa mentioned that as the late Kadi’s children, they are grateful that he introduced them to Christianity at a tender age, something they are still holding on to up to date. At the time of his passing, Bishop Seisa was nominated for Presidential Honour of Meritorious Services.

Assistant Bishop Kelelelo Modiitsane, who is the right hand man to the late Kadi, declared him as a well-organised leader. 

A distraught Modiitsane stated that the deceased always wanted the church annual returns reports submitted at the Registrar of Societies well on time. Modiitsane explained that Kadi played a crucial role for him to be ordained as a pastor.

“Before his passing, Kadi appointed me his assistant. He did that following the constitution of the church and did a thorough consultation with other church leaders,” the 73-year-old Modiitsane buttressed.

He pointed out that Kadi’s vision was for the church to have branches across the country and spread the Word of God.

When speaking during the funeral, Dimpho Seisa, the deceased’s grandson told mourners that his grandfather had a calming effect on most of them every time they faced life’s adversities.

“Grandfather was the focal point in our family and was our constant pillar. We will surely miss him. The old man had a good sense of humour as he loved giving people nicknames,” the youthful Seisa indicated.

Indeed the nonagenarian had fought the good fight; he has finished the race and has kept the faith. Farewell thee Reverend Bishop Dr Kadi Seisa.

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