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Khama Returns To Bogosi

Former President Ian Khama
SEROWE: Former president, Ian Khama has announced to multitudes of Bangwato that converged at Makolojwane Kgotla that he has returned as Kgosi of Bangwato and has assumed the throne.

He announced his return on Friday morning, as he had summoned all Dikgosi in the Gammangwato territory that spans as far as Mahalapye, inclusive of the Tswapong region and stretches to Bukalanga.

“I have done my part in serving the nation both at BDF and as the president of the country. It has been a long time since I was absent from my role and now I have come back,” he said. “I had asked (Sediegeng) Kgamane to summon all Dikgosi in Gammagwato to the main Kgotla this morning (Friday) and I have told them I have come back to work with them.”

He added that a similar meeting will be held every quarter to discuss tribal matters and ensure all Bangwato territory is working in harmony and Batswana are unified. He said this after listening to the cries of his people that were being addressed by his younger brother, Tshekedi Khama, also known as TK. TK had requested that the villagers bring forward suggestions of how they would develop the village and improve their livelihoods.  He had promised the people that plans are in the pipeline with the Land Board establishing some pockets of land for Bangwato to start rearing wild animals. “It is very cheap, even cheaper than rearing cattle. Benefits are plentiful and the meat is nice.”“Some Batswana are

doing it in the Gantsi area and keeping wild animals is something that Bangwato should also tap into,” Tshekedi said.

While Bangwato were pleased to hear their chief has returned, however, they were not entirely interested in the idea of keeping animals. In fact, they were more concerned with the slow allocation of plots. Gakeitse Mokate told Tshekedi that when he approached the Land Board requesting land for ranches, he asked if he should also put in a request for Land Board to allocate them residential plots.

“We live in crowded family houses under the roofs of our parents. That sparks unnecessary arguments that break families apart and that is due to lack of residential plots of our own.” Motshegathata Lekang agreed, saying the Land Board has deprived them of the right to land, therefore causing them serious issues of lack of accommodation and consequent squatting.

Lindani Mathumo cried of noise pollution in the area and lack of a decent police station in Serowe. He acknowledged the idea of ranches and rearing animals, but called for consideration of youth and the underprivileged members of the society when these projects resume.

Khama donated blankets and Bibles to his subjects. He pleaded with the police to assist with issues of noise pollution and criminal activities that were spreading like wild fire across the village.




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