Miss Beauty with Albinism to raise awareness

Miss BeautyWith Albinism Botswana beauty pageant will be raising awareness on albinism and the challenges that people living with albinism face on a daily basis on May 25, 2018.

According to the pageant’s director, Phildelphia Motlaiile, the contest is the first of its kind in the country. She said its main objective is to raise awareness on albinism and make the general public appreciate and understand people living with albinism. She said they wanted people to understand that albinism is a disability just like any other.

“We have heard stories about people living with albinism being killed for rituals in neighbouring countries. We don’t want that to happen here. We have to raise awareness about these ritual killings before someone can be tempted to kill us for our parts. We want the public to know that we are as human as they are,” she emphasised.

Motlaiile added that they wanted to share their challenges with the public so that it can appreciate people living with albinism.  She said the event is part of the events scheduled for the International Albinism Day celebrations slated for June 3.

The day has been proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) to spread information about albinism and to avoid mobbing and discrimination of albinos.  The International Albinism Awareness Day aims to increase the global attention to human rights. 

“Albinism is a pigmentary abnormality, which leads

to extremely light hair, skin and eye colour.  Especially among dark-skinned civilisations the risk of discrimination and social exclusion is very high whilst among light-skinned people the risk is rather low.  In some cultures the so-called ‘albino’ are considered as voodoos.  International Albinism Awareness Day aims to clear people’s minds of such prejudices and inform the public about this hereditary disease,” she said.

Through the pageant, Motlaiile said they would also be able to raise funds to buy things they need during the International Albinism Awareness Day such as sunscreens, shades, umbrellas, hats and others. She said they needed those things because their skin is vulnerable to heat and wind. She said the pageant had no age restriction because they wanted to unite and blow the trumpet on issues affecting people living with albinism. While the females will contest, males will be modelling.

Fortunately, the pageant attracted a number of sponsors. Choppies, Gaborone University College of Law, Dr Anthony, Matthews Matsetse and other dignitaries are amongst the sponsors. Local fashion designers such as Sphumzile Akolang and Ontibile Mogome will dress the contestants. Mphoentle Kedikilwe, Lizzy Maila and Botlhe Maemo Company will also contribute towards the pageant.





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