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Four youngsters pen a book

Young Conversations book cover
Four youngsters have teamed up to write a book on their personal experiences and what young people in general go through. Refilwe Kerekang, Phodiso Mpotokwane, Lesego Otlhabanye and Lazarus Takawira, who are in their 20s, penned the book titled Young Conversations and released it last week.

The 165-page book consists of  writing by the different authors and were combined to make Young Conversations talk of their persona.

“Navigating youth years is a double-edged sword that slices immaturity to make way for destiny. This book is for people who are trying to juggle personal and societal expectations, common life challenges, self-identity and progression issues as well as having a decent crack at life in general. Young Conversations will leave you asking the right questions and exploring the status quo to forge new paths in various spheres in the bid to raise up a generation of integrity, excellence and positive societal impact,” reads the epigraph of the book.

Talking of the objectives of teaming up and write this book Kerekang said it should spark a new thread of thought that inspires people to think deeper in their everyday lives as they aim for their dreams. “In the book Young Conversations, we each discuss a myriad of topics that we feel are quiet relevant to the young modern African youth who wish to explore their lives on a grander scheme and are not afraid to question the ‘status quo’. We want to start up new conversations amongst the youth. We discuss topics such as having a global mindset, power of unity,

chasing your dreams and the importance of shaping the African narrative to name a few.”

Combing their four scripts together to come up with one book, Kerekang stated that working as a collective brings out power saying four voices bring out a great difference and might have an impact on the reader. The four had already been associates prior to deciding to work on the book. Just like any youngster with a dream of growing up to be successful individuals in the community they all have different stories to tell which touch on the dreams, visions, challenges, failures and successes.

Motivational quotes by the four authors from the book have also been extracted and assembled as the last chapter of the book.  

With a strong notion that says Batswana are not a reading society Kerekang stated that is one thing that never came to their minds when they decided to work as a collective and produce a book.  The four authors Mpotokwane, Otlhabanye, Takawira and Kerekang all have a writing background.  They have written on different platforms such newspapers, blogs and books.

With the book having been released the authors are working on establishing a distribution line.  At the moment it just they that are selling it through bookings and calls.




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