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UDC condemns Zimbabwe mutiny

This is an unedited statement from the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) issued yesterday in response to Zimbabwe political crisis

Moeti Mohwasa*


The leadership of theUDC has been closely monitoring unfolding events in Zimbabwe. As a matter of principle, we are opposed to military interference in politics, as well as seizure of political power through unconstitutional means.

It is in this light that the UDC calls upon the Zimbabwe Defence Force (ZDF) to expeditiously hand over power to an interim civilian Government of National Unity (GNU) that is drawn from a broad coalition, which represents a cross-section of the country’s political landscape with mediation of the SADC Organ on Politics, Defence and Security.

The GNU’s immediate task should be to bring Zimbabwe back to normalcy with the assistance of the international community, and set the country on the path to national reconciliation, as well as healing the effects of traumatising political violence, and restoration of the economy.

The UDC calls for restraint, and respect for human rights and dignity, as well as the rule of law. We urge all parties to avoid acts of arbitrary retribution against opponents.

The UDC further calls upon the military to retreat from the political space to the barracks, and not interfere with the political process. After leading the military to intervene in the country’s

politics, regardless of the reasons for doing so, General Constantino Chiwenga can no longer continue as chief of the defence forces. A process should, therefore, be set in motion for him to retire with all his benefits in the shortest time possible, most preferably as soon as the GNU has been constituted.

Over the years, the security organs – the military, police and intelligence services – have been deployed to suppress political dissent and subvert the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

This was done with the sole purpose to prop up Robert Mugabe, and keep him in power. As Zimbabwe begins what we hope will be a period of rebirth, we call for complete depoliticisation of all the security organs in Zimbabwe, and their transformation into professional and apolitical State institutions.

Ultimately, the destiny of Zimbabwe should be determined by Zimbabweans themselves in an environment that allows all citizens to express their free will, without intimidation and coercion. We urge all parties to work towards the creation of an environment that will allow Zimbabweans to express their democratic choice in a free and fair election supervised by the international community.


*Moeti Mohwasa,

UDC Head of Communications

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