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Batswana furious with Makwala’s disqualification

After our very own Isaac Makwala was disqualified from running the 400Meters race at the ongoing IAAF in London, we asked out Facebook followers who reached with anger at the gesture

Kabo Prince Moetse: The government should sponsor Makwala and open a case with court of abitration for sports.we need answers...we need justice!

Othusitse Onalenna: If he was not tested, what really informed the Medics? If I can borrow Michael Johnson words, Makwala was sabotaged! Please don’t despair my brother, prepare for 4 X 400M, Gold is in Horizon!

O’Brian Aubrey Phuthego: A go monate ka gore are ga bonwa ke ba bongaka. but lets all be given to Gods hands. He will deal with the Issue.

Lesh Lesego Sekgoa: It’s just another example of how racist whites are, and the lengths they’ll go to put a black man in his place. “That’s the way it is. Some things will never change...” as somebody once sang.

Gomo Mis G Magwaneng This is thuggery, racism and corruption by the IAAF. Its unfair and unjust to deny a man who has over the years without a sponsor worked so hard to be where he is now. Africa must reject all these colonisation attempts with utmost contempt..

Puso Kgosi If at all ne go thwahetswe Isaac Makwala nkabo a sala a complainne immediately ha ntshiwa mo 200m..Kana kore nna le mpalla ha,e rile ha Makwala a ntshiwa mo 200m ne le sa complaine because nele bona ele advantage to Makwala since wayde ene a ne a ya go siana,but because now le bona dilo di sa tsamaya the way you had expected lare re tsieditswe,nnyaa bagaetsho.

Meshack Mayanga Mish Pitlagano those people who work as medics shud be investgated. makwala was ok as he said

Olekanye Tshidi Conspiracy at its best. Now Batswana are thinking even Amantle Montsho was truely innocent on drug issue. It is just a way of paving the way for the competition’competition’s favourites. Lesson learnt. Let us have volunteers to cook for our athletes next time

Thandie Mmemo This is a serious sabotage,they knew very well that he was going to win the race.The IAAF committee should not be left as they are but rather our Botswana committee should take it upon themselves to get justice for our nation. Very heartbreaking indeed,dark clouds!

Umaga Hhp Pushkaphesh Owaii ke maaka fela,first it was Amantle gotwe o jele drug,naw they say Makwala o wa lwala. Lets wake-up Batswana ga go batliwe re tswa ka medal ope

Kristoffer LeBron Wallace I find it foolish go ganetsa tshwetso ya ngaka mme ke se ngaka. What if he ran nd died?was he the only one disqualified? ?NO.

Mmoloki B Moswetsi What I would like to Know is “Was Makwala the only Athlete who was denied the chance to compete?since he wasn’t the only who was ill?

Taolo Salvin Kabomo If he was nt tested lyk he said he wasn’t thn hw can thy say he was infected. Cos ene he said no tests were made , i blv he wud hv won a medal , its sad ths was probably he last chnce to win world champs looking at the fact of gr age is nt in his side , he was in form of his lyf . we need BAA to gt to the bottom of this issue n report to us Batswana ba jele magala

Mothata Tlhobogang The race could have been postponed pending investigations. it’s so disheartening to see our champ being denied his lifetime fortune

I also suggest further investigation on this. If Makwala is found free of the disease, then he must be paid for his emotional pain and suffering. Le rona batswana re duelwe. Di BP di ko godimo jaana

Refilwe Molapi bribery has been done here!!IAAF nd whosoever gve thm money knew dat makwala will be a world champion,thy knew makwala ws goin to beat Van!!all thz ws planned!!how cn doctors denied him frm running ntse a re o fit,as if dats not enough thy never did a test to him!!it doesnt make sense at all!!we can all see dat its all lies!!we want justice!!se se makatsang re bona go buiwa ka makwala hela gotwe o a lwala ba bangwe ba ga re ba bontshiwe ba go tweng le bone ba lwala!!!hehehe boferefere dat its best!!whites wants themselves to alwys be superior to da blacks!!!

Honest Boy Goodwill Our government need to take our athletes serious, the issue needed the government to get involved in a way thay I will comfort Makwala not

to lose focus and get motivated, and encourage other Batswana to become professional athletes. Private specialists were needed to investigate this issue and take relevant action, our athletes need to have spy intelligences to help detect set traps. And the government need to understand that the world is not white and our team need to be sent with a team of specialists to take care of them. Goriana ga ne makwala ane a lwela go tsena ko stadium himself, whats that? Mathabisa dithong, even if he was allowed a sena go lwela go tsena do you think ne aka performer sentle? No..

Daphil Rafael I think IAAF needs to be investigated same way it happened to FIFA because it seems as if they fixing is not just the Makwala scandal but the is an issue surrounding De Grasse being pulled out of a race against Bolt and his injury on the eve of the competition one my wonder if Bolt was being positioned to atleast get a medal furthermore IAAF is the leading federation in doping scandals

Lowyer Prfesa Woto If it applied to others I would agree with them.if not sabotage. Ke akanya when I was a Kid I would not tell for fear of being denied a school trip! During Exam i would not tell that im ill. I was taking a risk. painful though.if he knew I believe he gambled.

Gape K Makwati Its blunt sabotage, and the fact that theres a South African having a position in the IAAF medic team speak volumes.For an “illness” that requires quarantine why was He free to mingle at the hotel.Why did the IAAF constantly refuse requests from the BBC over clarity of what is going on? Why release a statement after the race”even?

Donald Kago Mosesane dats a serious sabotage to our athlete by the IAAF health officials..This matter must be investigated coz we want belaela Makwala a tsenyeditswe ko hotel e a nnang teng gore a kgwe so they can use this as leverage to deny him an opportunity to win the race.. le lona le a bona gore he was a threat to win gold medal..gatwe head ya health koo is a South African therefore it has raised our eyebrows re a ipotsa gore wat does that mean..wat happened is not a coincidence

Moyo Butros Mabutho This is a typical of people examples of people perverting laws and procedures to pin another man down..... When a hyena wants to eat her kids, she starts by accusing them of smelling like goats!!

Bata Tjeshango We can only speculate for now, but my take is, the face of world athletics is retiring, the athletics body needs a new face, the boy from the our neighbours in the south suits the bill to become one, the boy from the Kalahari was about to steal his thunder, I mean who would allow that to happen........... Seriously......... Who would allow that.

Wame Kgajwane They are frustrated because of Bolt mmamoratwa wa bone so their thought of WVN also out le ene ele mmamoratwa they were not gonna survive and did everything to sabotage Badman. Makgoa are racists

Todowa Komotondo Td He was fit to run on an Area with cases of Norovirus, so they ruled him out for the positive diagnoses just like the ruled okavango people at BMC for Foot & Mouth even if the cattle has no foot & Mouth,

kana ke bomata hela gohle.....

Mlazo Gouwe It does not build athletes, those who created the plot and those who implemented it have the powers. Therez god who has powers over them. Um happy that the athlete’s countrymen were with him thru the painful course, he should also be motivated by pain, the pit bull courage...

Mix Pat this is not fair at all just to be denied without any good reason, no medical tests made to prove that indeed he was infected so there is a deal behind this and i wish investigations could be carried out so that we can be answered...

Ponah Waga Bogosi Further investigations shuld be done abwt dis.... They knew he ws gonna get a lot of mani akanya hela gr number 1-3 ba tsaya bokae? Dis isnt abwt winning medals only.... Kgang ye e ka se tlogelwe hela jaana

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