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Raw Riveting Penis Monologue At Maitisong

One of the actors on A Day Before Execution , Im Sorry Mr. President PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
Set inside a death row, A Day Before Execution Ė Iím Sorry Mr President, is surreal, raw, horrific but funny penis monologue produced by Mandy Promotions.

The play, which was rated “PG18” was staged at Maitisong Theatre in Maruapula as part of the 2017 Maitisong Festival.

It left the audience in gasps of shock because of the uncensored vivid explanations of the gruesome rapes and cold-blooded murders by the inmates waiting to be hanged.

The play opens with four inmates getting locked inside death row and after the lights-out they start, one at a time, to narrate the heinous crimes that landed them to the condemned cells waiting their fateful day with the hangman.

The first inmate, a former taxi driver, narrated his tale leading to a cold-blooded murder of his wife using Setswana explicit profanities. He used so crude expletives and it was probably the first time such vulgarities were ever uttered on stage in Botswana.

The inmate described how he defiled a student then fathered a child with her and later married. After the love went sour and she asked to leave, he asked for just “one last round” but when she refused, he killed her. He described the murder in graphic ghastly detail that was almost sickening to the audience.

The second inmate was a gay guy that was convicted of murder of her bisexual boyfriend. He described the steamy gay sex scenes and how he was in love with this ‘hunk’ until he murdered her at a party by stabbing him repeatedly with a bread knife.

Another inmate was a truck driver who had fertility problems and could not bear a child with her loving wife until his best friend recommended a traditional healer who could help them. The man’s best friend then

went behind him and bore a son with the inmate’s wife and kept it a secret for years until the day he discovered on the wife’s cellphone. The inmate went on a murderous spree.

He narrated how he stripped his wife then tied her and shot first her naked unfaithful groin and blew her head. He shot the son and called the best-friend saying he needed help with the boy. When the best friend arrived he shot him too starting with “blowing his balls” before the head.

All the three inmates begged for mercy from the president for the gory crimes of passion finishing their penis monologue with, “I’m sorry Mr President”.

The forth inmate however was not remorseful. He appeared terrifying and unstable.

This creepy looking inmate with face tattoos told the story of his gruesome rape and murder of an innocent young girl because she “refused to open her thighs”.

The inmate played out the sickening scene of the horrifying rape on stage before losing it and tearing off his prison clothes and stripping naked and jumping on tables in rage.

While on top of the table, daring the hangman and everyone to come and get him, there is a moment where he realises his nakedness and sanity returns to him. And that is when the curtains closed.

The play was produced and written by Mandy Promotions’ Kopano Manyaapelo and Eward Moroka. The script was written by Neelo Ntebanye. Sono Abram directed it. The cast featured Lucas Kgosi, Amos Thomas, Lesego Madingwane and Phenyo Nkandile and Gape Bame, supported by Lekgotla Motingwa, Letsweletse Baotelng and Entle Botite.




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