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Man pays P500, five goats to skip rape charge

JWANENG: A 39-year-old Mahotshwane settlement man stunned the court recently when he said he was innocent of a rape charge because he had already paid the victim P500 and five goats. Ditshupo Tau told magistrate, Basetsana Keakantse, that he had paid the “fine” so that the victim would withdraw the case.

On Monday, Tau tendered his written submissions to cement his defence, adding that he did not want to add anything verbally as he was satisfied with what he had written. For the past four years, Tau has had the rape case hanging over his head in which he allegedly assaulted and had carnal knowledge of a woman without her consent after a drinking spree in Mahotshwane.

Previously during trial, he attempted to defend himself by bringing relatives whom he claimed were part of the reconciliation team. His niece, Tsoseletso Tau testified that the complainant had been to their yard and told the accused’s mother that she regretted reporting him for assault and was requesting compensation to withdraw the case.  

During cross examination, Tsoseletso however conceded that she was not aware that her uncle had a rape case with complainant as she only knew about the assault case.  The accused’s mother, Mmatau Diphofu also took the stand to testify that all

had gone well during the reconciliation meeting, with the complainant receiving P500 from the accused.

The mother testified that the five goats were added on top after the complainant said the cash was too little. Another defence witness claimed she had accompanied the complainant to Tau’s yard where the complainant demanded P1,000 in order to withdraw the case. 

“Tau managed to pop out P500 and we went to withdraw the case at Mabutsane police and later delivered the five goats to the complainant,” the witness said. However, the witness was equally unaware of the rape case before the court.

The prosecutor, Inspector Lovemore Johane submitted that the accused did not dispute that he had raped and assaulted the complainant. “That alone makes the offence more serious. If the complainant was his girlfriend as he alleges, why did he assault her before they had sexual intercourse?” asked Inspector Johane. 

Judgement in the matter has been reserved for March 14, 2017.




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