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The UDC Led UB-SRC -A Group Of Corrupt Thugs!

Staff Writer
Following the questionable win of the current SRC elections last semester, in just a month, UDC led SRC with their president have proven to be a shame, a joke and an absolute regress in student representation.

Jacob Kelebeng has failed to rise above political inclination or confines and proves his mettle as a leader.

Jacob has since suspended four members of the SRC who are politically affiliated to the BDP, the suspended four are Minister of Entertainment, Minister of Justice, Minister of Sports and Minister of Bar and Canteen.

A most foolish, thoughtless if not imprudent decision taken after UDC youth league implicated the BDP in the death of the patriotic and music sensation, Gomolemo Motswaledi, who was the founder and president of the Botswana Movement for Democracy.

The question that arises from this diabolic and equally outrageous action is, why let outside politics interfere with serving the students? Fresher’s ball plans have since been halted due to the actions of Jacob Kelebeng who asserts having the interest of the students at heart.

The SRC president has since appointed four UDC affiliated members to fill those posts, appallingly, these four are the same individuals who lost against the four suspended student leaders. What a preposterous and outlandish modus operandi by the misguided and self-seeking UDC led SRC.

The SRC has truly lost its mandate to serve the students and are out to serve their own selfish and conceited  needs. It should be noted that the Kago Mokotedi led SRC, when they left office

at the end of their tenure, they was still pushing on the issue of book allowances ,the main issue of contention is the fact that the book store prices are nonsensical and that the book allowance that is credited to our student identity card does not cover all the required materials.

When Kago Mokotedi’s council left office, they had pushed for an alternative, which was for the DTEF to provide us with electronic cards that would allow the University of Botswana students to swipe books elsewhere, where prices are reasonable.

Jacob’s council was left with the task of ensuring agreements are completed, we note with disillusionment stories from some of the SRC members alleging that the issue has since been placed under carpets.

Allegations are rife that Books Botswana has paid the SRC P10, 000 so they do not push for the issue to be finalised. The students are still suffering, suffering caused by the same book store that they were asked to boycott last semester due to the exorbitant prices, due to the monopoly that it has created!

What kind of leaders are we grooming? Are SRCs in tertiary schools helping to propound student issues or are these groups of self-seeking individuals masquerading as the student’s messiahs ready to liberate them?


Thato Best Dineo


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