BOCCIM conference to open in ftown

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The President of Botswana Lt General Seretse Khama Ian Khama is expected to conduct the opening of 10th National Business Conference (NBC) in Francistown on Monday.

According to a BOCCIM statement released yesterday, the conference will be held under the theme "Setting the Agenda For Sustainable Economic Growth".

The National Business conference is a high level gathering which is expected to come up with resolutions and recommendations that can bring positive changes to the economy.

Past resolutions of this conference had seen the establishment of institutions such as CEDA, PPADB, NOB, SIOPA, BOCODOL, High Level Consultative Council (HLCC) and LEA to mention a few.

It is a gathering that BOCCIM has nurtured over the years together with the government and other stakeholders basically to promote public-private sector dialogue.

BOCCIM executive Director Maria Machailo-Ellis says his organisation values the public-private sector dialogue.

"I strongly believe that this year's national Business Conference deliberations will be exciting and also lead to creative and innovative resolutions", said Machailo-Ellis.

"BOCCIM values public-private sector dialogue, and we are committed to it, and we believe that whatever resolutions we agree

upon must be implementable within a reasonable period of time. Events in today's world move fast and we need speed to be able to compete", she added.

The objective of the conference is to discuss steps that need to be taken to make the Private Sector a stronger force in national development.

NBC was initially called the Private Sector Conference, but at the 1996 conference, BOCCIM realised that the conference had to reflect the interest of all stakeholders -Government, Private Sector and other associated stakeholders hence BOCCIM decided to change its name and call it the National Business Conference.

The keynote speaker at the 2008 National Business Conference is Professor Joseph Stiglitz, a Nobel prize winning economist who has written extensively on the topic of globalisation.

An academic and former Chief Economist of the World Bank, his recent books includes Globalisation and Its Discontents, Making Globalization Work and The Three Trillion Dollar War.



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