The anguish of rape by acquaintance

Unspeakable: Rape by acquaintance is on the rise
Unspeakable: Rape by acquaintance is on the rise

Everyone thinks they can understand the agony of rape. But what happens when a woman is raped by someone she knows? Two women narrate their horrifying tale to Staff Writer, MPHO MOKWAPE, of incidents that happened in the last two weeks

*Elise Boikobo

“People may often talk about rape, but we may never understand. Only people who have been through the ordeal can know and understand what it is.

I knew this person.  I was used to him he was literally like a friend to me if not a brother. Not in a million years had the thought of him doing something so despicable to me cross my mind. Those were the things I only saw in movies, so unreal like a nightmare.

I was used to going to his place so a lot of people knew that and we were just friends until that fateful day.

It was early in the morning and I woke up feeling really hungry.  I needed something to eat. I went to a nearby tuckshop just so I could get something and on my way there I found it closed.

Returning was a mission and a half and luckily I ran into him along the way and as we were exchanging pleasantries it so happens that I mentioned how hungry I was.  He offered me food at his place.

“I didn’t even hesitate.  Here was someone I knew offering to rescue me from a terrible hunger and would I have refused? No… he was not a stranger.”

Would you report someone who has just offered you food and whose house you willingly agreed to go to, would you? (Pauses). Just think of the shame and the ridicule I was going to face.  School was never going to be the same.  Imagine the everyday stares and gossip. This is the reason why I say you will never get it unless you have been through it.

Again it was so early in the morning, it would sound so unusual that I was raped at someone’s place so early and wonder what I was doing there at that time.

He offered me food as promised.   I ate the food.  While I was about to leave after finishing he blocked my way. 

Initially I thought he was just being silly until he became a little aggressive with me.  He pushed me to the bed and started undressing me.  All the while I knew what was about to happen.  I immediately blocked the whole thing out.

To this day I hardly talk about it, it keeps coming back to haunt me.  The memories are still so vivid.  Sometimes I even fail to breath. I never sought any medical help.  I only went to Tebelopele. I wish I could have reacted differently, but it’s too late now.  There is no use.  Let’s forget about it.”


*Tebo Moaga

“When you rent a place, what you seek most is security and it is not often that you think you can be raped in your own surroundings.

What started as a wine tasting turned into a nightmare that I often wish I could wake up from.  But then again it is not a nightmare it is a reality that I have to live with for the rest of my life.  To even think he will never go behind bars because I let him be is even sickening.

I do not drink alcohol and I was not about to start.  What happened on that fateful night will remain a mystery to me. A few sips of the wine in a glass marked the end of what seemed like a perfect life for me.

Next thing I wake up in this man’s house striped naked.  I started wondering how I got there because the last thing I remember we were in my house, which I rented from him.

He was my landlord and he lived in the main house.  He was a nice guy, or so I thought.  He turned out to be a monster and I did not even have the courage to report him.

First my parents didn’t want me renting there and I assured them it was safe.  I couldn’t stomach the ‘I told you sos’ and secondly I could not explain why I had to drink that wine when I didn’t drink at all.  There was the man who dehumanised me acting all cool like nothing ever happened.


What do you say to a person who is like that?

 I moved out, took my stuff and left, but the horror of that day still follows me around.  Sometimes I find myself in this dark hole that I cannot get out of, and I become so numb that I feel like the walls are closing in on me.  I do not know where to begin and where to go. I am just helpless and I feel so alone. I may tell you my ordeal, but you will never understand. Never…” *Names changed

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