Judiciary should serve ordinary people

The predominant system of government, 'democracy western style' or capitalism has always preferred to present the picture of the state as an institution that represents every body, some kind of an impartial arbiter, without acknowledgement of class bias towards which the state leans in any society.

It is not only now that this attempt is made to deceive the poor working class into believing that despite the contradictory class interests in our society the state represents every citizen on equal basis. History has it that in ancient Athens, of Greece, Socrates, the Greek philosopher was once brought before the court of law charged for corrupting the minds of the youth by orientating them to develop enquiring minds that posed inconvenient questions onto the authorities. In his defence Socrates asked the jury as to who made the law and they replied that it was the state.

He further asked as to who made the state and they replied that it was man. Perplexed, Socrates asked the jury, which was obviously composed men, as to whether it was possible for them to commit adultery with their own wives which they replied in the negative. Socrates then asked the jury how, possibly, could he, being man and making the state, the state makes the law that is against him. It is at this point that class content of the state was un-masked. Even in our state today the class content and contradiction is still at the core of governance.

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