Beyond the Zondo waters

A few weeks ago The Monitor newspaper covered the story of a South African church minister, a certain Prophet Zondo, for whose 'holy water' many flocked. Now that the water has probably got finished, I may comment. The story and most internet commentators presented Batswana as a gullible and pitiful lot.

I am tempted to differ a little. The purpose of my write up is not so much to defend Zondo, but to say the story focused on the water and not the primary purpose of the visit. Little was drawn on the fact that the service was primarily one for the preaching of the gospel which apparently was very inspirational.  We don't question it when John Maxwell or some American motivator charges a few thousands at the door to pay running costs and keep his mission financed, but we are often a little too harsh on the mission of the church.

No interview was made of the people who attended the service nor much attention paid to the theology of the water, say by sourcing a comment of the Evangelical Fellowship of Botswana or a comment by the Botswana Christian Council. I am informed that people were prayed for and hundreds given counseling and yet no attention was given to any positive things about the service.  We are not expecting the newspapers to do public relations for the churches but perhaps it's about time we get a few scribes born again and spirit filled to enable balanced reporting on the positive side of the evangelical and Pentecostal experience.

Editor's Comment
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