The vice president�s challenge to the banks!

UDC election candidate Rev. Dr Prince Dibeela is reported as saying that we need to express outrage when matters go woefully wrong.

Presumably he is correct about this although looking back over the years, I note that it has only been in exceptional circumstances that people have reacted with outrage, if that is the correct word, as at  Bontleng and with Segametsi.  Normally most of us have long learned to live with almost everything that is wrong because we know that there is little hope of getting anyone to accept responsibility and to put it right.

  That said, I want once again to be an exception to that generalised norm because I am still really outraged that Stanbic, without a word of warning and certainly without later apology could have blocked access to my account. I recounted this sordid tale a couple of weeks ago. Since then, having provided Stanbic with two affidavits, it took this left handed bank three days to re-open my account. And since then there has been the annual Botswana Institute of Bankers Annual Dinner at which the Vice President, as guest speaker, remarked that, “there remains some aspects of customer service that need overhauling.  As indicated by the recent …… Customer Satisfaction Report for Africa, 8 out of the 14 countries surveyed considered ‘friendliness of staff and their willingness to assist’ to be the most important measure of customer care. 

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