New Problems; New Scenarios

It was quite a week. During much of Sunday and Monday we looked towards the airport and Mmamashia and watched the huge dust storms which seemed to be heading our way. Mostly, they never reached us, presumably veering off in a different direction. But then on Monday evening, we were hit by lightning. No one can be in doubt when a hit occurs.

This time around, though, we thought that we had somehow got away with it – until we found that the tv lnb had been wrecked. Then on Tuesday evening,  the full scale iattack was finally mounted. Strong wind, then rain and then the heavy bombardment, hail hitting our tin roof like cannon balls. And then, wonderfully, more rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

In between there was, of course the water problem. In the past, when others were suffering, we were fairly lucky. But in the last two weeks we have had water on only two days. If there has been a norm during this period, it has been that water has sometimes come on stream at midnight and is then switched off around 0500 hours. But with power problems on the Wednesday, we spent vain hours trying to report to the BPC by phone; and again on Thursday morning. Nothing for it, therefore but to report in person to the BPC in Gaborone.

Editor's Comment
Women's bodies are not a man's playground!

In most of these cases, all this violence is done in the name of love! Love is a beautiful thing and no one who claims to love another can ever wish harm on the object of their affection let alone inflict pain upon them.A few weeks ago, the nation was shaken following the gruesome murder of two little innocent souls by their father, who after that painful act committed suicide. One of the biggest challenges that we face as a nation is that we...

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