Well done Botswana and Zimbabwe

We have said it before. Botswana and Zimbabwe share important historic and social ties. For a stranger, yea even for locals, it is not easy to distinguish between a Zimbabwean and a Motswana.

This is because of historic, social, tribal  and language ties, that really make us one people. Any war situation as could easily have been the case, in the conflict over the game rangers would cause untold misery to our people. It is indeed gratifying to learn that the two governments have finally made peace. That the governments saw the need, even sense in making peace shows the maturity of the people engaged in the discussions. Here, it was no longer a fight of egos. We have no doubt that both parties considered the plight of their people and the unnecessary suffering that would follow a military conflict. The decision to make peace has been made in the best interest of the people of Zimbabwe and Botswana, brothers and sisters who have spent many an anxious moment wondering about what might happen. We urge the two governments that in future, no matter their differences, there should be restraint in both action and speech. It is not wise to arrest your neighbour's game rangers simply because they got lost into your country in an area where a border fence does not exist as did Zimbabwe. It is equally unwise for Botswana to use language that borders on calls for military action. We believe, that with the benefit of hindsight, the two countries have had an opportunity to appreciate that there were bad judgments on both sides of the border. And bad enough to plunge both countries into a conflict. We believe that the peace deal is genuine. That both countries should work together towards sustaining it, even reinforcing it. Botswana and Zimbabwe should now work together in areas that would ensure that nationals of either country know they are home when in the other country. The two governments need to help their nationals appreciate one another. A Motswana in Zimbabwe is a brother to the Zimbabwean and so is a Zimbabwean in Botswana. The two countries will always exist side by side and no human can erase the history that binds us as one people. It is in appreciating that either country will always need the other that each should assist the other in whatever way. Today Zimbabwe is in need. It could be Botswana tomorrow. Botswana has been extending assistance to Zimbabwe in a number of ways. We can only encourage Botswana to continue the assistance. It is our belief that Zimbabwe shall not always be in the economic abyss that it finds itself in. When things eventually improve, Zimbabwe should be able to embrace Botswana and say 'thank you brother'.

                                                                      Today's thought
                                                       Peace is the first thing the angels sang.
Peace is the mark of the sons of God. Peace is the nurse of love. Peace is the mother of unity. Peace is the rest of blessed souls. Peace is the dwelling place of eternity.
                                                                       - Leo the Great

Editor's Comment
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