SSG should exercise restraint in Thamaga

The latest news coming out of Thamaga is what you expect to see in Nollywood. Gun-toting, paramilitary police officers scaling walls, disturbing sleeping citizens and then getting to business slapping them out of grogginess; crushing their toes and whipping them. All because the Special Support Group (SSG) officers suspect someone among the many tenants sells beer.

Indeed Thamaga residents should be happy that the SSG presence in their village has given them respite from the notorious gangs that have maimed and killed people. But when the community agreed to a curfew, they would not have imagined that everyone was a candidate for SSG brutality. Now, the Merubisi and Matsaakankane have gone into hiding; and the SSG appear to be venting their frustration on the innocent after failing to apprehend the gang members. 

Who gave the SSG the right to beat up and crush the toes of citizens they find sleeping? Do the SSG have the right to rain blows on a man or a woman they meet during curfew time without even trying to understand why that person is in the streets at that time? True, the SSG need to help the regular police to maintain law and order in Thamaga. But humiliating people, whipping them and arresting them for no good reason is tantamount to declaring marshal law in the village.

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