Everyone should be on high alert

The COVID-19 case report map went green in the past weeks with Botswana recording the lowest ever cases of the disease.

Close to half a million people in the country have been fully vaccinated while over 800,000 have received their first doses. Botswana has tackled tough hurdles, but the race is far from over.

Batswana are gearing up for the holidays and there will be a lot of movement across the country and outside the country. Social gatherings are back in full force and now more than ever, people should observe COVID-19 protocols.

Our neighbouring country South Africa is experiencing an uptick in Covid cases, and a potential fourth wave is expected in December, experts have warned. As Batswana travel on a daily basis on business and leisure to and from South Africa, this should be a worry.

While public health officials continue to urge members of the public to act responsibly and get vaccinated ahead of the holiday season, fully vaccinated individuals should remember that vaccine is not a cure.

As a precaution, we urge Batswana to continue wearing their masks, exercise social distancing and sanitise. We have worked so hard to keep this the virus under control, so there is no need to become overly excited. The last thing everyone wants is COVID-19 cases ticking upward ahead of the expected fourth wave. Yes the green map showed a decrease in the seven-day moving average in new Covid cases in Botswana, but that situation can easily change overnight if we are not careful.

Nobody knows when we will officially be in the fourth wave, but people should go and take the jab because we can’t depend on the government only to push the country’s vaccination coverage.

Some people take these waves seriously once they hit us but the fourth wave should not be underestimated. We missed a lot in the past 19 months, so as we attend entertainment and leisure events and other forms of fun, we should celebrate responsibly. The alcohol sector is usually the first one to blame when things go south, so more than ever alcohol consumers should be responsible because the economy cannot afford continuous alcohol bans. The festive season brings a lot of hype and irresponsible acts so liquor traders should make money but not at the expense of people’s safety and lives.

The government on the other side should not rush any decision when push comes to a shove instead authorities have to exercise caution in responding to the fourth wave when it arrives.

Already British experts have sounded the alarm over a new Covid variant believed to have emerged in Botswana that is the most mutated version of the virus yet. The Ministry of Health and Wellness confirmed that they are aware of the mutation of the SARS CoV-2 virus in Botswana, but investigations were currently ongoing to determine the specific type of mutation and the extent of spread or transmission locally.

With all these new waves and mutations keeping officials on high alert, we should all be concerned because the war is far from over.

Today's thought

“Life has it woes so learn to be on your toes, be alert.”

– Bernard Kelvin Clive

Editor's Comment
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