Setswana in the very roots of mankind (Part 3)

The story of humankind from when humans of modern anatomy first emerged, right up to the time of the Flood, is very obscure.

Yet, because ancient names tended to reveal much, we saw Setswana shed good light even on this. In the course of that exercise we pitted the biblical version of events against much older sources like the Atra-Hasis and found the latter to be much more detailed and credible.

Science, of course, treats both these sources as mere myth. But in this miniseries we showed that anthropology and archaeology are not quite as clean as they would like to appear. They ignore (and hope very few read about) anachronistic finds such as anatomically-modern man in undisturbed rock strata millions of years old, and sophisticated items like intricate aluminium gear-rails embedded in coal 300 million years old – what Michael Cremo calls “Forbidden Archaeology”.

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