Inside the true story of the Nefilim (Part 2)

In honest and unbiased research, one’s sampling range is a crucial aspect of proper (“scientific”) investigation. Otherwise, narrower, not-too-informed, a priori assumptions will abound that seriously affect the integrity of one’s conclusions. As such, although Dr Maganu rightly opines that the content of my column is “unconventional” (Weekend Post, 18/07/2015), unconventional conclusions, he should have been clear, do not necessarily mean wrong methods of evidence gathering, or even self-misdirection. It might simply mean, as it does, that the scope of my evidence-gathering reaches far beyond his.

I will give a concrete example. We all somewhat naively trust that “mainstream” science is always bona-fide, always considers everything before carefully tendering an opinion; that they have no agenda other than unadulterated truth. But just as he quotes John Dominic Crossan that “there are always alternative perspectives, even if we do not hear them”, a genre called “Non-fiction Alternative History” was born out of what many detected as a sinister, well-orchestrated plot to subvert certain empirical and indisputable findings. Indeed, why does their “mainstream” studiously ignore, and leave it to “others” to resolve the mystery of why very sophisticated objects such as iron gear-wheels and aluminium gear-rails are periodically found fossilised in coal and volcanic ash 300 million years and more? Are they afraid of what these finds imply? Or is it simply so that people like Dr Maganu are kept confined to a narrow base of evidence-gathering that is carefully predisposed towards not troubling the status quo at all – whereas the unadulterated truth, quite evidently, lies well beyond the set boundaries of conventional thought?

Actually, Maganu’s deficiency, his a priori assumption delivered as innuendo, is to subtly opine that a Motswana cannot shine light into unchartered waters and actually change paradigms; not when all these great Western minds have run their course. And in a 1000-word serialised column such as this, meant for general public consumption, I cannot present copious examples and rationalisations in each article otherwise one topic would drag on for too long and people might lose thread. But it is all there in my books (has he read them before opining in public?). In any case I always supply my email, below, to encourage truth-seekers to engage me directly on anything they wish to refute or know more about. Honest ones do and I always answer them satisfactorily. I also do not wish to be always lumped with Benson Saili because certain of our differences are very deep, even fundamental, yet he (Benson) thinks it is “better” that we do not debate them privately or publicly.

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