This time is more about the BDP than it is about Guma

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Leaders come and go, parties largely remain. Sometimes though, parties wane if they do not take heed of the times. See, sometimes the political field changes - the party does not really change but the political environment within which it exists changes.

When that happens, like organic species, parties get to be subjected to something akin to a theory of evolution-in particular the aspect where that hell of a natural scientist, Charles Darwin, speaks of the need for species to continuously adapt to survive. With political parties across most parts of the world, the temptation at first is to change the environment. This is borne out of politicians’ belief that they can condition their environments: but history shows they cannot.

As argued for by V. O. Key, Jr’s 1955 seminal article, ‘A Theory of Critical Elections’; American elections, parties and policymaking routinely shift in swift, dramatic sweeps. Basically, he argues that electoral cycles are identifiable: often, one sees a systematic pattern in American politics where a new order replaces an old one. They say it occurs once every 36-years or so. Some argue the cycles are longer- up to 50 0r 60 years. Most, agree that the cycles exist. Many cite the Democratic dominance from 1800 to 1860, and Republican rule from 1860 to 1932.The 30 year or so periods are linked to generational changes. Generational changes bring about sharp changes in issues, party leaders, the regional and demographic bases of power of different parties, and structure or rules of the political system (such as voter eligibility or financing).

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