Boko: upfront, unapologetic, BNF�s son of destiny?

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I have long said to share with you what I like about Duma Boko of the Botswana National Front (BNF). This is from my chats with him; sometimes in person, sometimes on radio and for the papers. As well, I have observed him in the papers and in his battles within the BNF. I have admired his higher than normal (in politics) propensity for honesty, and what seems to me, a genuine care for others. At times I can’t explain it, many won’t be able to, but this appears the BNF’s son of fate, a saviour of sorts- a person who has come to deliver it into the 21st century.

First though, the boldness: See, very few people are as confident of their abilities as Duma Boko is. He knows what he is capable of, and he knows who comes close to matching him much as he knows who doesn’t. That is an ace - a great deal of people in politics do not appraise themselves, do not know their real worth and labour under false impressions based on showers usually from within their camps.

Some say he is arrogant, I would say he is confident in his capabilities bordering on arrogance but he isn’t arrogant. He is merely confident, and usually, Batswana - schooled in being apologetic and in the wrong notion that respect means self-condensation- tend to see this as arrogance. But I repeat that it is not arrogance.

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