Life Is Matter; The Past Is Gas, Present Liquid And Future Solid

Matter has three states namely gas, liquid and solid. Our lives are therefore orchestrated in the same form of the three latter states.

The past is gaseous, the present is liquid while the future is solid. Each phase of life resembles the characteristics of the accorded state.A driver has mirrors surrounding his/her car in order to understand what is happening behind him/her.

He/she does that at a glance, that is; it only takes a second to do an observation because most of their focus is on where they are going.

The peep appreciates lessons from the past so that caution may be exercised to refrain from accidents. Even when we are walking, we never walk with our back facing where we are going because our backs do not have eyes and therefore they are not meant to see anything they face.

Life is what is ahead not our past. The past shapes how the future would appear to be. Life is matter.

The past diffuses. You will never revisit it to alter what has happened. The days have passed and cannot be reversed and be relived. We experience agonising pain in our lives and most of the time we make the decisions to hold on to it and allow ourselves to relive it all over again.

This affects our perceptions and we arrest our wings to fly to places of endless possibilities. The past should be our eye-peeler and help get the best out of us. It only bears the wisdom that we could use in our present moment to change the look of our future.

We could realise the wisdom if we accept what we experience, furthermore, forgive ourselves and those that have hurt us. If we do not forgive, each new day will always represent the day of experience hence we miss the opportunities that are prepared for us.

The present is liquid. It flows. This means that we have to go with what grace has plotted in our lives. It is the only moment where we have an opportunity to alter our lives bearing reference to our past.

The moment that presents fertile soil and a chance to sow on it. There is no better time we are certain about than now to venture into acts that could shape our future.

Grace lives and operates in the present era, it worked yesterday but not sure if we will be exposed to it tomorrow. We are just hopeful that what we do today will bear a harvest for us in the future.

Unfortunately time narrates our positions and if we miss a step it derails sanctifications. We need to stop procrastinating for it is a debt which bears a lot of interest and it is expensive to repay.

The future is solid. It is possible that we can become what we aspire to be. This is determined by what we do in our present era. You can only have what your vision comprehends and the effort you put towards it.

It takes a lot of sacrifices we make today. Sacrifices are what strengthen the power of manifestation of all we desire to have.

Our future is deep-seated mainly on our faith and hope. Faith and hope cannot be separated from one another. Hope drive our faith.

Hope is what we wish to happen in our lives, it paints our vision while faith makes us believe that what we hope for can be attained.

We need to therefore believe that we deserve better than what we had in the past, furthermore, that what we do today is changing the phase of what was in the past and that tomorrow will pan out the way we have anticipated.

We have to eliminate worries because they stain our hope and if it is corrupted, we will not be confident enough to believe in ourselves and our self-efficacy.

In our previous article; I AM MY OWN ENEMY, OTHERS ARE JUST PAWNS IN YOUR LIFE, we alluded that, every decision we make predicates the life one will live in the future.

Hence we have to be mindful of how we perceive events of our lives. If we are always negative, we will never find peace in our situations nor have high self-esteem that could help unfold positive possibilities we are destined for.

We have to change our mindsets and approach incidents positively and believe that every pain or frustration work together and pushes us to our favor.

It all takes understanding to position ourselves in angles of positivity. Our lives will never be the same again, and peace will prevail at all times.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Center- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on  [email protected] or +26773791677 for bookings.

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