Hope Is The Seed Of Life And Success

We can buy all sorts of things, dream to have a certain manner of lifestyle and work hard to live the aspired life but if everything is not set on a platter of hope, they will all be in vain and impossible to achieve. Life is bundled on one thing; hope.

I hope this article will awaken something in you and because I believe so, I have invested my entire being on it so that the impact could last more than that of the Hiroshima bomb. The question jarring on my mind now is; what are you hoping for?

We all have visions and they direct us to our future. They can either remain unrealised visions or perhaps can be transformed into reality. This is all reliant on the measure of power of hope you have subdued to. Hope is the binoculars that zooms your vision as far as it may be and put it closer to your chest.

It makes the vision very tangible in the spiritual realm and very possible to manifest in the physical.

Hope ignites and sets the journey to our ambitions active. The strong rudiment of the vision! Hope gives one a bulldozer spirit that sees no intimidation in complex situations that could be termed hindrances. It creates a consistent sequence of actions that lure and tenders the dream to be realised. It is what births and reinforces our faith. No matter how difficult the situation may be, hope will lift you high and you will see the anticipated outcome of your work thus instill patience and perseverance on your walk. Patience is erected and supported by the pillar of hope. It is due to hope that one is able to withstand all gloomy experiences and live at ease even in the midst of encountered challenges since there is inner assurance that all things work out for our good.

Hope raises one to soar like an eagle above a storm at altitudes a concord dreams to fly at when it grows up. Hope builds a character good- natured to tolerate unbearable or delayed incidents.

Hope projects a persistent spirit and strengthens our determination towards achieving our pre-set goal or ambitions. We grow a positive mentality that believes that challenges are geared towards making us fit and proper for the benedictions due to us. Perseverance grows a thick skin of resistance and it is hardened by hope. Hope makes consistency very custom to anyone who wears hope. Consistency is the culture the world around us would identify us with, moreover, distinguishes us form others. It increases our traction in our journey towards greatness hence fuelled by hope.  We do not get weary at exercising our passion and ambition because hope renews our focus, discipline and strength.

Hope is an essential ingredient of success. If there is no hope, failure is guaranteed. In business, for a product to reach high sales volumes, the product or services’ message should depict hope since customers in their need hope for satisfaction.

When Barack Obama and Dr. Mokgweetsi Eric Keabetswe Masisi rallied for presidential elections, their messages were exhibiting hope and it resonated with a lot of voters hence victory.  Hope gives our perception about life taste. When one has ample hope, they become very positive and optimistic about events and the future. This makes them to continue striving to do the best they possibly can to make the anticipated end come to pass.

When one is hopeless, they become too negative and pessimistic about the future. They turn to be very bitter and lack peace. They lack self- confidence and self- esteem thus easily intimidated by circumstances clouding their lives.

We ought to be very hopeful in order to build a strong sense of self- efficacy. Hope gives us the platform to know what we are capable of achieving and what we can become. Our visions are made crystal clear and feasible by hope. Our legacies are built on the foundation of hope.

Hope is accessible to everyone and made available through grace, therefore, it is not purchased anywhere but rather already planted in our minds. What we hope for is what we attract in our lives. Be staunched in hope and see life unfold in miraculous fashions.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Center- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on [email protected] or +26773791677 for bookings.

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