Of Ants And Bees

Have you ever looked at ants or bees and wondered how they could be so coordinated? They work at the same vigorous pace and appear to stay in formation until their task is complete.

Even the less popular roaches are predictable and united in their mission to annoy and embarrass. I know you must be wondering what things are coming to if I can seek to draw parallels between professional teams and common insects.

We are human and more sophisticated in our individual and organisational processes, yet less capable of cohesion and coordinated efforts towards consistently high performance standards and excellent service levels. Is it really because of our culture, as some like to suggest, that Batswana are generally lazy? I actually think that that is an outdated myth.

Editor's Comment
Shame on the Police!

According to a press statement from the police, unidentified armed men attacked on duty police officers at the station in the early hours of Tuesday.During the attack, the suspects stole 14 riffles, five pistols and an undisclosed number of ammunition.Although unconfirmed, it is alleged that the suspects were just carrying knives and axes, which they used to scare the men and women in uniform before they took them hostage to help themselves to...

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