Save yourself from the claws of black tax

Owing to multi-generational historical inequities and inequality, blacks, particularly in the United States of America and South Africa, find themselves in a disadvantaged position, many of them underprivileged, with no reasonable safety nets to clutch to.

For this reason, in the context of wealth creation and financial freedom, the black community in the US continues to trail whites approximately 160 years after the official abolition of slavery and the outlawing of all forms of involuntary servitude by the 16th president of the US, Abraham Lincoln. Pretty much the same position holds for South African blacks, nearly three decades after the birth of their democratic state.

In essence, unendowed with any meaningful inheritance, from the moment a black baby is conceived, the deck is already stacked against him, cursed to a lifetime of subservience and thralldom, and in time, he would be forced to work a lot harder to reach parity with a white baby born on the same day, despite being possessed of similar IQ and EQ. Born out of privilege, the white child often lives in the lap of luxury, insulated from life’s unforgiving trials by the generational wealth that always serves as a good start and failsafe cushion, while the black one is unfortunately born into a vicious cycle of debt and poverty.

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