A stark reminder

In an unforgiving world burdened with relentless challenges, a fading art is the ability to cope. As the powerful tsunami of ceaseless demands threaten to engulf and overwhelm, the quest to stay afloat may seem elusive.

Though through the passage of time, we have demonstrated an innate ability to innovate and persevere through the darkest storms.

Comedy serves as a lifeline in the raging sea of life’s challenges, offering a buoyant raft of good cheer to help us navigate the waves. Through humor, we find solace and relief, momentarily transcending our troubles to bask in laughter’s joy. Not only does it provide a temporary escape from our worries but also serves as a powerful coping mechanism, diffusing tension and fostering a sense of connection with others.

Editor's Comment
Let’s stand against the menace of ‘CAT’

Methcathinone’s addictive grip is tightening, and its consequences are devastating. Lives are being ruined, families torn apart, and futures dashed by its destructive power. The drug’s allure knows no bounds, with various methods of ingestion making it accessible to users of all preferences.Whether it’s snorted, smoked, injected, or taken orally, the outcome is the same: a path of ruin and despair. It is time for action. The government,...

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