While others cry, table tennis is smiling

Without a doubt, money is the key driver for sport development. It is the be-all resource, as we have come to know it across all other facets of our lives, including maintaining relationships. Without cash, the value of the relationship diminishes, with some activities cut-off or out of reach.

Most of the relationships in sport also hinge on the availability of money. In the absence of ‘chelete’ sport is reduced to a pastime or recedes to amateur level. There is always a mismatch locally where administrators talk about elevating sport to a key player in the economy, including creating the much needed employment. However, the mismatch comes in the fact that there are no resources, particularly financial, to back up those ambitions. At the end of the day, the immaculate programmes do not bear fruit as there are no funds to finance them. You should ask yourself why someone of impeccable integrity like Thapelo Tsheole left Mochudi Centre Chiefs without elevating the team to the Premier League.

While administratively, Tsheole’s credentials are undoubted, he could not succeed in an environment of constant bickering and critically, a cash-less club. In brief, even the best cannot thrive when not backed with proper financial resources. My beloved Liverpool’s Jurgen Klopp finds himself at wits end as he is constantly frustrated by the club owners' inability to back him financially. Back to the local shores, some clubs cannot even afford to camp due to lack of resources. Players are told; “let’s meet at the match venue at 3pm” and then you see them dropping off combis just before kick-off. That’s the sight of poverty and a demonstration of how difficult life is without money. To the topic of the day, while most codes are crying a bucketful over lack of sponsorship, table tennis is witnessing a rare boom. Sponsors are tripping over each other to be associated with the sport, with Capital Bank the latest reputable organisation to join the queue. I cannot exactly pin point the reason why table tennis has, all of a sudden, become such an attractive destination for sponsors. However, one thing that is clear is that there is good administration. Companies of repute will not want to be associated with a code that will drag their reputation in the mud. Let all codes, particularly the 'boxing' karate, take a leaf from table tennis. There is definitely something that table tennis is doing right.

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