Football braces for the Battle of the Cowshed

In George Orwell’s 1945 political satire, Animal Farm three key battles take place on Manor farm. The first was the rebellion, which saw animals overthrow Mr Jones in a resounding victory which reshaped their lives for supposedly the better.

The second, was the Battle of the Cowshed, which was fiercely fought as Mr Jones, with the help of other neighbouring farms sought to wrestle back initiative of Animal Farm.

But led by Snowball and Napoleon, the animals prevailed.

Editor's Comment
Government’s efforts commendable!

Since the news broke, the government made sure to work hand in hand with the South African government to assist the families of the victims. The two countries came together to help the families identify the bodies of their loved ones through DNA testing. The government also announced that they would assist families with food for mourners before the funerals.Even though the deceased persons were mostly residents of Molepolole, the government...

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