Dear Coach, I am a thirty- eighty (38) year old guy and I have the desire to get married but unfortunately I indulge in relationships that fail before an eye blinks. It often starts off with some verve fire and it gives me so much hope that one day u will achieve my goal of being a good husband and father to those that life would have chosen for me.

I realised that each time after getting intimate with my partner, it’s like we drift away from each other. I feel like I have some odour that repels them somehow. I dated one other lady, and she is the only one whom I had the longest relationship with, spanning four (4) years.

We broke up because I cheated on her with her cousin. After we broke up, everything went south. My ex- girlfriend used to warn me about her cousin that she is spiritually gifted and sometimes she can misuse her gift. But on the other hand, she is too beautiful and have an hour- glass shaped body, and who could resist such a gesture? She made her first move on me, and I became vulnerable hence I fell for her seduction. She dumbed me immediately after my ex- girlfriend broke- up with me. It felt like she only came to steal, kill and destroy what her cousin and I had, especially that I had intentions of marrying my longest sweetheart.

I have let go, but the problem is, I feel pieces of my love life are all out of shape and cannot fit on any, what should I do in order to achieve my lifetime goals? Yours, Pat Dear Pat, A man should bear a vision about his life. He must know what he really needs and wants in order to have his vision manifest.

I am happy that you want to be the best husband and father to those ordained to inhabit in your space, in life. It takes a long time to build something whilst it only takes a second to destroy it. It is unfortunate that we, individual- self, are the perpetrators orchestrating our down fall through the decisions we make.

If you love someone, you must cherish what they utter to you, especially if it is a warning because only love allows for it to be unleashed to you. You should have remembered the love that the warning exhibited and that was sufficient to refrain you from getting intimate with someone else, her sister for that matter.

There is someone who can resist any seduction simply because they know where their feet are placed. Now, your downfall was the intercourse because it contaminated your spirit. This now irritates the spirit of whoever you meet. So, it is best to fight this spiritually and cast away the bad luck that was deposited through sexual intercourse. We exchange energies when we sleep together, so whoever you interact with in that fashion, you became somehow “them” and they become “you”. We, therefore, must know who we are really fooling with.

Once you cleanse yourself of that bad luck, pieces of the puzzle will fit on each other very well. Your goals shall come true. All the best!

Dear Coach, I am so messed up right now. My financial life is deteriorating every second of the day. I am only twenty- eight (28) years old and I live entrepreneurship. I started my businesses when I was nineteen (19) and I was prospering on that aspect. I realised that things started turning into dull colours when I stopped dating a woman who hailed from one of the neighbouring countries and was older than me. My parents, siblings, and family were again my relationship with the older woman but my argument was that she understood me better because we were in the same way of life. She owned a few businesses as well. Our language was the same and that is what excited me the most. Of course age is just a number, isn’t it? But the bottom line is, we eventually parted ways and ever since, my life is so much disorganised.

I would visit business prospects and my aura would attract them to me hence easy for business to flow. These days I hardly get attention but when I look at my ex- girlfriend, her life is a lot better than mine. Why is it like that Coach? Yours, Anonymous Dear Anonymous, Of course age is just a number and nationality is never an issue as long as there is a clear love language and you both understand it. Sometimes, all these are never adequate to give you the life you want. Family members get involved because they have you to protect at all cost. When we get into relationships, we must first try to understand our partner’s spirituality because it is the foundation of what you are both going to build. Spirituality is bigger than love itself. We carry energies that are different and some people take advantage to tap into our spiritual gifts to seize them and channel them to themselves. All of this is achieved through indulging in sexual intercourse. It is unfortunate that most older women and/ or men are privy of this, thus trap and deceive the young and naïve with some passionate affection so that the latter become vulnerable to their disposal. So we must fight spiritually to cleanse and protect ourselves from such evildoers. The next relationship you start, you better be spiritually strong so that you do not become immune to such misfortunes. Listen to those that love you, they see things better than you since love blinds you dark. All the best in your life. Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is the Founder and Director of Coloring Souls Coaching. A Training Consultancy advocating for MIND-SET CHANGE. It is accredited by BQA and HRDC. For team building exercise bookings contact +267 72 522 213/ +267 71 830 584 or email [email protected] for quotations.

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