Ntwa Ya Hitler 11 - "The Homefront"

The Second World War was fought as a “total war” in which entire societies were mobilised to defeat the enemy.

This meant that women as well as men were mobilised, though in the case of Botswana not as soldiers.  Elsewhere, over three million women, mostly Russians and Chinese, but also many Americans, British (such as the late Lady Khama) and others served in uniform, often in combat roles.

More significant, however, was the role that women on all sides played in keeping factories and farms producing at record high levels.

Editor's Comment
Implement the recommendations Mr. President

The nation is eagerly awaiting this report to have a glimpse of what the recommendations are like, possibly for further debate. Mr. President, it’s our ardent hope that true to your promises, the public will have an opportunity to peruse the report and see if it reflects their interests as the Commission went around the length and breadth of the country collecting views of the people with some choosing to write to the Commission’s...

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