Judges have a field day as singers freeze

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The panel of three judges in Master D's My Star talent show had a field day on Friday as they made the contestants feel their presence for the first time.

The presence of  the judges seemed to drain the contestants of any creativity last week having first made their appearance just in front of an adoring audience, with no jury passing judgment on their singing talent.

 Not even Francois, the woman who goes by the name Kedibonye, appeared brave enough to stand before the jury, despite trying hard to deliver with confidence. This is the same contestant who put on a super star performance with the rendition of Queen's Too Much Love Will Kill You, the previous week. This time, despite traces of talent and confidence, Kedibonye was shaken and somehow forgot the lyrics in the middle of her song of  choice.

However, Oratile, after giving the worst performance in the show in the first week,  managed to survive the elimination. She was not even among the three contestants with the least votes, while one of the beautiful talents in Elizabeth sadly had to go after battling with Galaletsang, yet another gifted singer in song competition.

The loss of Elizabeth could still be felt in the hearts of the judges as they were disappointed by many contestants who froze before them. When it was Oratile's turn judge DJ Sid said: "My heart bleeds for some of the people who lost (when I see your pathetic performance). Master D said Oratile sang like a stationary object ( O kare o kokoteletswe).

 But on the evening, Oratile was not alone, as Gaone also flopped miserably, while Dintle sounded out of tune with the instrumental. Boitshepo seemed fantastic, but the judges' verdict was that she was terrible too. When  it was Kaelo's turn to hear the judges,  Kgomotso  Letshwenyo told her  she would have done better just waving her hand to the audience than try singing! The judge was not done yet, as later on, Ofentse, one of the stars from last week, this time, heard that she sang like she was running out of breath.

Stephanie stepped up and made yours truly jump off his seat with her delivery. She looked well-dressed for the show, but the judges had their own ideas. DJ Sid said the girl made him hate the song, while Letshwenyo said the singer failed to show passion. I thought she made up for all that with her impressive stage work though.

Lorato definitely lived up to last week's standard; a spectacular showing, backed by fabulous wear; this time she spotted a big tie on a white short-sleeved shirt and a sexy pair of trousers. The judges had only nice things to say. Her performance seemed to set the tone as Galaletsang, Eunice, Kgalalelo and Atamelang simply mesmerised everyone.

This time Atamelang did Tina Turner's What's Love Got To Do With It, and the girl carried on with her dramatic stage antics she signed on with last week. DJ Sid requested her to tone it down next time, but the other judges told her they loved what they saw.

Lucia lit up the screen with her cute looks more especially. She had a voice to match.

Then Omphemetse gave the audience style: cowboy hat, with  a funky hair-do to match, and rock 'n' roll regalia, the gothic looking girl took fashion to a different level.

The judges felt Wame's rendition of, From  A Distance,  was absolutely fantastic, though yours truly thought her tone for the song was unnecessarily low.

Sadly for the three or four male folks in the  show, the judges were not impressed by their performances. The previous My Star seasons have had  one or two  men really standing out.


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