It's game over for Uganda

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The Rubies couple Koketso (South Africa) and LK4 (Uganda) were the latest to be evicted from the Big Brother Africa - The Chase house, on Sunday.

LK4's eviction ended the game for Uganda as the country's other contestant, Denzel, was one of the first contestants to be ejected from BBA - The Chase.  As the game is filled with many twists and turns and is not very predictable, Big Brother Africa (BBA) fans are equally unpredictable, while relationships seem to keep some of the housemates in the house, the very same strategy does not seem to work for other people.  LK4 and Koketso formed some kind of romantic union, whether done as a strategy to stay in the house or out of genuine feelings for one another; the union at the end of it all did not keep the two in the game.

When being quizzed LK4 somewhat hinted that in the beginning it was a strategy as he was shown talking to Natasha telling her that his mother told him to be close to Nigeria and South Africa to make it through in the game.LK4 was caught off guard when he was shown the clip and Koketso's face froze, at the possibility that LK4 who claimed he was a prince in his home country, could have been playing her all along. In the end LK4 simply answered that while in the beginning the closeness might have been as part of the game, over time it became real, the assumption being that he meant he developed genuine feelings for Koketso.While LK4 ended up with Koketso, initially he seemed unsure of which woman to choose between South Africa's Koketso and Nigeria's Beverly.  He initially lost popularity with viewers when he seemed to have been double-crossing the two women.

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