Clement Jackson Qru is back

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After eight years of unexplained absence from the scene Clement Jackson Qru is back and this time combines urban sounds with a mature brand of music that should set any music lover on the edge of their seat.

Seasoned musician Clement Jackson has revived the band he formed in 2004 whose debut album, Me, My Son And Real Friends secured them several bookings for live performances around the country and thus gave birth to the solo careers of youngsters Helen and his own son Eugene Jackson.The veteran musician has now released the group's only second album The Daze Of The Weak.  The composition goes to prove the notion that time is crucial in the formulation of maturity.

"The music in this CD is mellow and mature because I have grown with time.  This time I have created the kind of music that will appeal to the young, urban listeners and the elderly who miss the good old times," Jackson said of his new offering.The album kicks off with the song Lesiela, a jazz number with an authoritative instrumentation, combining an assortment of African drums, marimba, a trivialising flute and controlling bass guitar.  On the second track, Amaqhawe, the veteran musician proved his word that the album was done for Africa, as his good command of the Zulu/Ndebele language seemed to spice up the slow jam intro.  His occasional rapping in the language followed by a penetrating saxophone and a clicking lead guitar makes this track one of the best in the album.

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