A remarkable and brilliant media high-flier

She is a force to be reckoned with in Botswana media today with a resume that many can only dream of. Gaone Tlhasana is undeniably one of the most gifted stars of our generation - with an explosive combination of talent and sheer beauty.

This gorgeous lady is at the peak of her success and what makes her 'magic' entrancing is her enviable poise and natural grace. Even the greatest critics cannot help but admit that this is undoubtedly what she was born to do. In an industry that's worryingly fickle and overflowing with one-hit wonders, Tlhasana has managed to stamp her presence and has proved to have staying power.  She has now become a benchmark and a role model for many young people - and she isn't even 30 yet!

Born and breed in Gaborone twenty-nine years ago, Tlhasana grew up in Broadhurst where she lived with her family.  She is the second born in a family of four children.  She did all her schooling in the city until she went to pursue her tertiary education at Monash University in South Africa where she  studied Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media studies.  Growing up Tlhasana always wanted to be a doctor.  "I think throughout primary school that's what I wanted to be. In retrospect, I realise it was because everyone else wanted to be a doctor. In junior secondary school I discovered drama and fell in love with it. I then decided I wanted to be an actress. I believed that performing arts was my destiny and that I could also make a great television host. This drove me to choose media when I went to study at tertiary level," she explains.  Talkative is how some people would describe Tlhasana, she tells Showbiz.  She believes her amiable character has paved way for her radio career.

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