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Monday 10 December 2018, 15:02 pm.
Mon 10 Dec 2018, 15:02 pm
The coming of colonial rule to Botswana, Namibia and Zambia, which resulted in the partitioning of the Zambesi-Linyandi region, were interconnected episodes in the broade...
Mon 03 Dec 2018, 15:15 pm
The European presence in the Chobe District and adjacent Zambesi-Linyandi region dates back to the 1851 expedition of David Livingstone and William Oswell, which also inc...
Mon 26 Nov 2018, 14:50 pm
We began our own exploration of the Chobe’s past with an examination of the District’s largest ethnic community, the Vekuhane [Veekuhane] or Basubiya, while noting th...
Mon 19 Nov 2018, 13:46 pm
Previously we noted that during the late seventeenth century reign of the Muitenge or ruler Queen Mwale the Vekuhane of Itenge experienced at least two breakaways.
Mon 12 Nov 2018, 14:33 pm
For years the Chobe District has gained international prominence as a premier tourist destination based on the splendour of its environment.
Mon 05 Nov 2018, 15:27 pm
In previous instalments, we have examined the regional legacy of the “Kalahari Holocaust”, focusing on indigenous resistance to the genocidal practices of the German ...
Mon 29 Oct 2018, 14:00 pm
In the aftermath of the September 1907 killing of Morenga, by British forces, Simon Kooper stood virtually alone in his continued armed resistance. He, nonetheless, conti...
Mon 22 Oct 2018, 13:49 pm
In our last instalment we observed that a key factor in the relative success of the Nama resistance against the Germans was their superior ability to sustain themselves, ...
Mon 15 Oct 2018, 13:18 pm
Our last instalment concluded with the observation that, by the end of 1904 most of Namibia’s Nama communities had taken up arms against the Germans, whose military rec...
Mon 08 Oct 2018, 12:48 pm
Our last instalment ended in 1896 with the Nama being hard hit by the rinderpest epidemic, which wiped out not less than 50% of their livestock while also reducing wildli...
Mon 24 Sep 2018, 15:01 pm
Our last instalment noted that the Nama community at Lokgwabe was founded by the legendary early 20th century Nama resistance figure Simon !Gomkab Kooper.
Mon 17 Sep 2018, 13:12 pm
Recently this author had the renewed pleasure of attending the annual Nama Cultural Festival at Lokgwabe village in Kgalagadi North, which was held this year under the th...
Mon 10 Sep 2018, 14:00 pm
Last week’s episode concluded on September 26, 1922 with the acting Resident Magistrate at Gobabis, South West Africa (SWA, i.e. Namibia), having informed the Resident ...
Mon 03 Sep 2018, 12:06 pm
In last week’s episode the Ghanzi Magistrate, Alan Cuzen had forwarded a report to his superiors in Mahikeng that the prominent Ovambandero figure, Karcho Sheppard had ...
Mon 27 Aug 2018, 14:41 pm
Following Saul Shepperd’s death in 1877 (profiled last week), his position as Secretary to the Ovaherero ruler Maharero was assumed by his son Samuel Karcho Shepperd. T...
Mon 20 Aug 2018, 14:33 pm
Our last instalment noted that by August of 1922 many Khoe (Basarwa/ 'Bushmen') in the Ghanzi District, as well as then South African administered South West Africa (SWA,...
Mon 13 Aug 2018, 14:41 pm
As we saw in our last instalment by the 1930s Rhode’s marketing dream of creating a white settler colony in Ghanzi had become a financial and social challenger for the ...
Mon 06 Aug 2018, 13:26 pm
In our last instalment the British West Charterland Company (BWCC) abandoned its claims over much of north-west Botswana, including the Ghanzi region, in favour of Cecil ...
Mon 30 Jul 2018, 13:34 pm
Between 1876 and 1885 a Cape Colony official named William Palgrave struggled to establish British rule in the western Kgalagadi. In 1878 he was mandated, as Special Comm...
Mon 23 Jul 2018, 13:53 pm
The previous week we noted an 1869 incident, visually captured in a Thomas Baines water-colour, as well as documents, of over two dozen young slaves being herded from the...
Mon 09 Jul 2018, 15:23 pm
With the return of the Bangwaketse to south-eastern Botswana in the 1840s, the Batawana Kgosi Letsholathebe eventually imposed his authority over much of the Ghanzi regio...
Mon 25 Jun 2018, 18:28 pm
During the early 19th century migration, and in and out of the central Kgalagadi sandveld, along with a corresponding increase in competition over its resources was a res...
Mon 18 Jun 2018, 18:52 pm
This week we begin a new series focussing on the rich albeit controversial history of the area we now know as the Ghanzi District. The population of the District has long...
Mon 11 Jun 2018, 14:04 pm
Our previous instalment had speculated that, by the final months of 1824, Kgosi Makaba II’s infamous regional intelligence network must have brought him increasingly di...
Mon 04 Jun 2018, 13:41 pm
Previously, we had noted that the Rev. Robert Moffat left Kgwakgwe in 1824 with the belief that his newfound relationship with Kgosi Makaba II, he had opened the door to ...
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