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Hapless GU going through emotions

There is no other immediate financial respite for GU
Troubled Gaborone United (GU) cannot wait for a miserable season to conclude as the persistent financial challenges refuse to abate.

Instead, GU general manager, Olebile Sikwane concedes that there is no solution until the end of the season, which is two games away.

The club is knee deep into debts, failing to constantly shell players’ dues, which has resulted in the departure of Argentinian coach, Rudolfo Zapata, who is now with Kenyan side, AFC Leopards.

“It is difficult. There has not been any progress (regarding paying the players). Nothing, until the end of the season,” Sikwane said.

GU were fast-tracked into a financial crisis when financier, Rapula Okaile found himself facing legal challenges at his company, Capital Management Botswana (CMB) early this year.

Players have gone without pay for months, and hardly train, with chief striker, Tumisang Orebonye agitating for a move away from the former ‘Money Machines’.

He has been linked with an off season switch to Township Rollers, and has already sought the intervention of the Footballers Union of Botswana (FUB) in a bid to terminate his contract.

Former investor, Nikolas Zakhem, who was instrumental in turning the club into a professional outfit, which became the envy of many, has laid conditions for his return, which include dropping court cases against him.

Otherwise the future of a

team that became a model of professionalism at the onset of the 2009 season, looks bleak.

But Sikwane believes a recent general meeting held at Nanogang Community Junior School might pave a way out of the mud.

“The GU general meeting at Nanogang has opened horizons for the club to discuss any partnership with anyone. Mr Zackem is obviously, by default, the first priority, for he has previously steered our ship.

“The way forward for the executive is to meet and discuss any sustainable partnership with anyone or any corporate entity willing to be involved in football,” Sikwane said.

But GU might find that it’s easier said than done as a dozen other clubs, have failed to find lasting partnerships.

“The discussions must be honest and manful, all in the best interest of the club.

The crux of that engagement is what that partnership leaves behind for GU at the expiry of the tenure. I think that is the most difficult point of departure for most potential partners,” he added.

GU need a point in their remaining two games to ensure a top eight finish, which looks likely after a strong mid-season, cushioned the late collapse.




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