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Workers should commemorate their day

For years, trade unions and federations have been organising workers to commemorate May Day, or more appropriately, Labour Day. However, the numbers of those attending the commemoration have dwindled countrywide.

This is a cause for concern as both government representatives and union leaders deliver important messages on productivity to workers.

It is important that workers come together to celebrate their achievements and also get motivated to do more on the day. We urge all workers and those not working to come out on this day and let their voices be heard rather than just stay home, as is the case now. We also urge trade unions to work together and commemorate together as workers stand for the same objective, moving the country forward. A solid single message will bring more workers together and the government will also be compelled to send the President, rather than his representatives. Botswana Federation of Public Private Parastatals Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) complained that they were not impressed with the President sending his Permanent Secretary, Carter Morupisi to deliver his message. It could be that the President observed the trend that few people attended these events, but with workers coming together, the President will be forced to address them and bring a message that all will appreciate.


Kgosi’s departure

A lot has been said about the departure of Isaac Kgosi from the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS). Many have commended President Mokgweetsi Masisi for relieving Mr. Kgosi of his duties as

director general of the spy agency.

It seems the nation is happy as expressed by people from different walks of life through social media. Not only opposition politicians welcomed this move, as even those belonging to the ruling party rejoiced.

Since the formation of the DIS in 2008, Kgosi has never been the darling of the masses, especially from the opposition ranks. He has been, rightly or wrongly, accused of many bad things happening in this country. His association with former president, Ian Khama made matters worse. It is an open secret in this country that Khama was a divisive leader and those associated with him were often, or are still viewed with suspicion. The introduction of the DIS through the Intelligence and Security Service Act (ISS) of 2007 was a disaster waiting to happen. The blame lies with all who concurred to the introduction of this agency, which gave one man widespread powers without oversight and accountability. We might like to blame Kgosi but the problem lies with Parliament, which created the institution. Kgosi’s successor Peter Magosi is also inheriting those godly powers and he is likely to fall into the abyss that swallowed Kgosi up whole.


Today’s thought

“The current DIS legislative framework has created a fascist state in Botswana.” 

– Dumelang Saleshando





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