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MAD semis showcase local talent at its best

Botswana is a storehouse of performing arts which, if well sharpened, could transform her into a calabash of cultural tourism; especially through the unique traditional dance.
By Staff Writer Fri 21 Oct 2016, 02:26 am (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: MAD semis showcase local talent at its best

Local talent show, My African Dream (MAD) junior semi-finals simply showed local talent at its best form, on Friday night.

Twelve solo and group performers had their artistic offing before a cheerful audience housed in Maitisong Hall - a pivotal arena to the country's performing arts.  With dance dominating Friday's show, three dance performances by Junior Skycosite, Shanaya Kwape and Mogwana Development Team danced to the finals.  Sheba Kapambwe and Lemogang Montshiwa made it through song.  None of the poetry performances made it through to the finals- neither Sebaga Masedi nor Warona Thonisani liberated words to the finals held in October 29. Pego Mangope of Palapye put a wowing beatbox performance to a non-reactive audience.  Mangope artistically produced musical sounds using his mouth in a compelling form, with a Hip-hop touch.

The somewhat puzzled audience looked at this unique offering, said to have its roots in the beginning of modern hip-hop; beatbox is "a form of vocal percussion, which primarily involves the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue and voice".  Young Shanaya twisted and turned

into a pretzel for a spot in the next race to the grand finale in October.  She did it so beautifully, and surely she will make a name in the entertainment industry if avenues like MAD shall continue polishing this awesome talent.

Mogwana failed to disappoint as the duo rhythmically performed the traditional dance, which is a signature of the country's performing arts.  Dancing to a song titled "Rona Re Dibini", which translates to "we are dancers", they surely were great on the floor.  In another piece, there was a school challenge in which three local primary schools competed.  Phakalane Primary School displayed a splendid marimba performance of Shakira's popular Waka Waka; after which the audience cried for more. Legae Primary also did a good job also through marimba when they did a folk song, "Ke nale ngwana wa mosimanyana", while Letlhabile choir performed R Kelly's I Believe, a celebratory song following Barrack Obama's presidential victory.  Phakalane Primary scooped the first position and P3,000 cash prize, Legae came second pocketing P2,000 and lastly Letlhabile Primary School walking away with P1,000.

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