Mosutha in need of P46,000 for chess trip

Chess king: Mosutha needs money to travel to Budapest
Chess king: Mosutha needs money to travel to Budapest

National chess champion, Candidate Master (CM) Thuso Mosutha is racing against time to raise P46,000 that would enable him to travel to Budapest, Hungary where he has been invited to play in three tournaments in December. 

Mosutha said the three tournaments are part of the First Saturday monthly chess tournaments. The first set of games will run from December 4-14, 2021, followed by another set from December 15-23, 2021 with the last round of action set for December 26, 2021 until January 5, 2022. Every month starting on the first Saturday, several international chess tournaments are organised in Budapest.

“The tournament provides aspiring players with an opportunity to test their skills on the chessboard and improve ELO rating. The ELO rating system measures the relative strength of a player in some games, such as chess, compared to other players,” the invitation to Mosutha reads.

Famous world chess champions such as current world champion Grandmaster (GM) Magnus Carlsen, GM Emil Sutovsky and GM Vadim Milov have participated in these strong tournaments that have been running since 1992. Mosutha said he received the invitation to the tournament through International Arbiter, Vincent Masole.

“He is well-known and he arbiters international events so through him they have always asked why none of our players play international tournaments. He discussed with me if I would be interested in playing since I am the national champion. I have shown zeal to become the best and that is how I got the invite,” Mosutha said.

He added that what is unique about the Budapest tournaments is that they have title norms and that is the faster way to get titles for somebody who always performs well.

Mosutha said the Botswana Chess Federation (BCF) has only assisted him with a cover letter for him to seek sponsorship because the federation does not have funds to assist him. Regarding preparations, Mosutha said he never stops training, all he has to do is to adjust the variations of his preparations. He said the games at the tournaments are three times longer than the local time controls.

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