Masire Extends Cycling Rule


Mmetla Masire has been given another term to lead the Botswana Cycling Association (BCA). That makes him the longest serving BCA president having occupied the seat since 2013.

Masire told Sport Monitor that he was motivated to seek re-election due to a number of reasons. “When I was first given the responsibility to lead cycling in Botswana, there were Batswana participating in the youth and junior ranks. We started from zero by talent identification and starting to build a pool. We set ourselves 10 years to have a pool of experienced riders that we can use to select Botswana teams that can compete for medals.

The 10 years are not up; I want to leave cycling with a very strong pool. We already have some good riders that have come up over the last five to eight years so we are not far from what we aimed to achieve,” he said. Masire explained that he wants to also finalise the sub-structure committees that support the executives committee and drive cycling issues.

He said some clubs also asked him to seek reelection as they felt he still had unfinished business. Masire said he still has a lot to offer cycling. He said they are running cycling democratically. “If people feel that my time is up and somebody else should take cycling to the next level, they can elect somebody else,” he said. When asked about the constitution that was used to call for elections, Masire explained that BCA is currently operating on the 2008 constitution and this was used to call the elections that were held on October 28. “It is not true that the General Assembly did not accept or approve the new constitution (the 2015 Constitution).

The 2015 constitution was approved by the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in 2015 and was submitted to the Registrar of Societies (RoS).

There were amendments made to the 2015 constitution in 2016 and they were again sent to the RoS.

When it was realised that the RoS had not approved the 2015 constitution, we decided to revert to the 2008 one and this was the decision taken by the General Assembly at the Special General Assembly (SGM),” he said. Masire said they have followed up with RoS and they have confirmed that the 2015 Constitution has gone through the first reading.

We are waiting for them to go through the second reading and hopefully approve it after that. But what are you going to do to bring calm in cycling because there are some affiliates complaining about you, begged the question? “I would engage the affiliates one on one to better appreciate and understand their concerns.

I know that at the end of the day we are all interested in what is best for cycling even if we may not agree how best to achieve this. By engaging directly we will hopefully understand where each party is coming from and hopefully meet each other half way,” Masire said.

Other executive committee members: Moagi Sewawa (vice president), Shimane Serameng (secretary-general), Game Mompe (vice secretary-general) and Karabo Rasenyai (treasurer). Additional members: Shaduf Tirelo and Kelly Ramputswa-Tlale.

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