Plot to oust Sebego thickens


The Botswana Football Association (BFA) president, Tebogo Sebego faces an internal revolt as a plot to oust him thickens ahead of next year’s elective general assembly.

Sources close to developments at Lekidi Centre say there is an ugly plot gaining traction to topple Sebego as elections draw closer.

“The president is aware of on-going attempts to oust him by people he thought were close allies. He is exposed and his detractors have even tried to pass a vote of no confidence in him,” the source said.

Reports are that some in the BFA executive committee block whatever Sebego brings to the table in order to gain favour with the regions.

“It might turn out to be a nasty fight for the top position as some people involved have opposed Sebego’s leadership in the past,” the source said.

It is said the group moving in to clip Sebego’s wings even rejected the president’s proposal on the renewal of the BancABC sponsorship.

“The intention is to oppose him as much as possible such that he appears as failing which would give mileage to the rival camp. The situation at the moment is untenable,” continued the source.

Fresh reports are that there are efforts to stop the association’s restructuring exercise which was due to start this month.

Efforts are also underway to stop the renewal of contracts during Sebego’s presidency with some members eager to have him suspended.

“This will work in their favour. The concerned members feel they have the numbers to oust Sebego and gloves are off as they attempt to topple him. They look at the numbers so that when the issue goes to vote they can pass a vote of no confidence on the president,” the source said.

Those pushing for Sebego’s ouster also want new chief executive officer, Kitso Kemoeng, out as they feel he is close to the president.

“The people gunning for the president would want to chop whatever branch that is associated with him. They want Kemoeng out as they feel he is close to Sebego. Again they believe that Kemoeng should be taking instructions from them. But he has refused a situation where some members of the executive committee want to run the secretariat. He has made it clear that he is the head of the secretariat,” the source said.

Kemoeng, however, refused to comment on the matter referring questions to Sebego. But Sebego denied any ouster plans, maintaining the executive committee is united. “My NEC is intact, there are debates as usual, nothing out of the ordinary. I am not aware of any plot,” Sebego said.  It is expected that a new name to fight in the rival camp’s corner would crop up anytime soon as the battle for football’s top post begins in earnest.

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