BNSC affiliates welcome new changes


The Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC) held its ordinary general meeting (OGM) on Thursday where the Chairperson, Solly Reikeletseng briefed affiliates about the legislative changes.

Reikeletseng started by observing the legislative changes that will see Botswana National Sports Council continue under a new name, the Botswana National Sport Commission.

“We will have a Sports Pitso at a date to be confirmed where we will take a thorough look at the new Act and guide us on the implementation process.” Reikeletseng also announced that out of the annual grants given to individual codes, 10 percent would be reserved to hosting one national championship of repute. “This event should have all the hallmarks of an ideal major sporting event,” he said.  All the member affiliates welcomed the proposal with open arms and indicated that it was a great initiative from the BNSC.

Reikeletseng recognised the contribution made by all the current office bearers across all affiliates. “Holding office in sport on a voluntary basis is always a challenge,” he said. He said the BNSC would punish all the people who go around making serious allegations about other sport people. He said everyone, at the July annual general meeting (AGM), should endorse the policy and the code of conduct should allow penalty.

Reikeletseng’s proposal was welcomed by all the affiliates. Each of the affiliates expressed their concerns over people who badmouth others to push agendas using the name of sport. Reikeletseng also said the BNSC is on course with the operations of the International Working Group on Women and Sport project.

“We are doing efforts to ensure that the women in our country take advantage of this opportunity to advance their cause.” Female leaders from Botswana Netball Association and Botswana Judo Federation also approved the effort from BNSC to push women’s issues. Botswana Table Tennis Association (BTTA) asked the BNSC to increase the number of athletes sent at the All Africa Games so that they could participate in the team event category. The current number allowed them to send two female athletes and two male athletes.

Botswana Football Association (BFA) asked the Sports Council to address the branding issue at the National Stadium because it was a serious issue for their partners. BFA also made a proposal that would see national teams getting direct funding from the government.

Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) complained about the Sport Council’s interference into their affairs. In response, Reikeletseng said it was their duty as the mother body to intervene whenever there are signs of mismanagement.

The elections committee, made up of four members that will facilitate the election process at the next general meeting, was also elected. A new affiliate of the BNSC, Botswana Amateur Fencing Society was also voted for at the same OGM and they fulfilled the requirements as assessed from Sport Development Committee. The next AGM in July, will see the new policies being implemented and it will involve elections into Board.

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