BOPEU lay down the recommendations

BOPEU lay down the recommendations
BOPEU lay down the recommendations

BOPEU  says the 2022/2023 budget speech represent a short-term strategy through which we seek to attain our medium term goals as spelled out in the NDP 11 blueprint. As such we propose the following recommendations for consideration into future policy-making and adoption.

  • Justification of proposed spending from the report needs to be warranted. In, particular, the largest Ministerial recurrent budget allocation of P10.01 billion for the next financial year, proposed for the Ministry of Health and Wellness in response to Covid-19.
  • Robust economic policy measures that buffer external shocks in the economy.

  • Diversification and investment in labour intensive industries should be a priority to narrow the export base and curb the balance of payments deficits at the same time creating employment as well as opportunities for decent work for citizens.
  • Implementation plans by the government would be more qualified if they were rigorously reported in sufficient detail with clear and transparent statistics with regards to the type of job creation and quantities, such as the number temporary or permanent employment projected, as well the number skilled or unskilled labour to be employed.
  • Consultative engagement with organized labour movement with reference to restructuring of ministries and rationalizing State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) by merging, closing and/or divesting of Government stakes in some SOEs.
  • BOPEU sees no basis to initiate a new workforce management system disregarding the recommendations from the PEMANDU report which assured a productive and cost-effective public service.

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