Witchcraft, anyone?

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This is in response to a letter addressed to Minister Olopeng and signed by Koketso Moswetsi, in “The Monitor” of June 1st. this year. Your bold, bald headline to this baleful piece reads,“Witchcraft Does Exist..”

Well, actually, Mr. or Ms. Moswetsi, it does not.  Except in a person’s mind. No-one, no animal and no thing can in fact come to harm by supernatural means, and not one example of such an effect, from any time or place, has ever been proved.

But what does yet exist, to the sad detriment of individuals and society, is BELIEF in witchcraft - sorcery, boloi, satanism, call it what you will. And this degenerate “faith” can no doubt be strong enough to cause dreadful results to a believer’s body, mind and soul. It can in fact, kill.  Serious, yes, but only if a person of mature intellect and without being totally brainwashed (as of course children and youth can be) CHOOSES TO BELIEVE.

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