Bahiti Temane, champion of labour movement

Often it pains to write about the demise of a natural altruistic champion of the labour movement.

We woke up on Saturday mourning, precisely some of our members who worked with Rre Bahiti Temane as a co-workers, a dedicated BCSA (now BOPEU) leader, a committed member whose deeds later earned him a cabinet position during the Masire – Mogae regime. Yes indeed his death leaves an immense void. Again we are reminded by the famous Afro-American writer Maya Angelo, that “when great souls die, the air around us becomes light, rare, and sterile. We breathe, briefly. Our eyes briefly see with a hurtful clarity”.  We are all shaken by this sad news.

His departure on Friday 27th June 2015 comes within five  months after gracing a Union activity in his honour and that of several leaders; our forefathers who bequeathed us the modern BOPEU. Rre Temane was the Secretary General (SG) of BCSA at the formative stage of the Association.  As the Secretary General, he served with Rre GA.T Gare and Rre G. Matenge both of whom we are told stirred the organisation very well during their tenure. It would be sad not to recognise that the majority of organisational rights, some of which we enjoyed for close to 30 years, were negotiated by these leaders. Again, as the then SG, a special tribute to him would be quite fitting.

Editor's Comment
Happy Independence!

We are 56 years old and what do we have to show for it? Looking at where Botswana started and where it is today, there are a lot of developments, but whether the developments match the number of years we have enjoyed as a country is a topic for another day.The fact that cannot be denied is we have seen major developments, but we are still lacking in several pertinent areas.Our beautiful country imports almost everything. We import fuel, food,...

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